Dramatic pictures show huge waves battering the Sunderland coastline at Seaburn

Huge waves have been battering the Seaburn coastline as the North East has experienced onshore winds from a northerly direction.

By Neil Fatkin
Friday, 1st April 2022, 5:30 pm

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While the wind has not been particularly strong today (April 1), northerly and north-easterly winds blowing over a large distance have caused particularly large waves out at sea which have been billowing into the air as they crashed against the Seaburn seafront.

The size of waves are determined by not only the wind-speed but also the time the wind has been blowing and the distance over which the waves and wind have travelled, known as the fetch.

Waves could be seen towering above the Seaburn promenade with walkers seeking shelter from the eruption of spray.

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It’s certainly been a week of weather contrasts across Wearside. This time last week Sunderland basked in warm, clear sunny conditions which were replaced in midweek with wintry conditions including ice, sleet and snow.

A lone walker looks to take shelter from the huge waves battering the Seaburn coastline. Photograph: NNP
A lone walker is dwarfed by the giant waves battering the Seaburn coastline. Photograph: NNP
Spray from the huge waves flows across the promenade at Seaburn. Photograph NNP
Huge waves engulf the Seaburn promenade. Photograph: NNP