We have to support the young in their chosen path

I was thoroughly entertained by the letters in Thursday's Echo.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25 October, 2018, 11:40

First Conservative Councillor George Howe misinterpreting history by praising Margaret Thatcher for bringing Nissan to Sunderland even though everyone knew she wanted it to be in the south.

Nissan was, however, persuaded by the then Labour council, and not forgetting logistical reasons was the main reason why Sunderland was picked

His low opinion of our young students and his paranoia towards our educational institutions is quite sad.

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The fact that he thinks our teachers and lecturers are indoctrinating these young students with communist ideology, is frankly ridiculous and funny, give them some credit for making their own minds up.

The problem is I’m afraid Scott is being brainwashed by right wing tabloids, not the other way round.

We have to support all our young going out into the world whatever paths they choose to take, just like our parents did with us.

Ged Taylor