'We can't play like Brazil every week': Sunderland fans react to Plymouth manager Derek Adams' comments

Sunderland fans were quick to react following comments made by Plymouth manager Derek Adams yesterday.

Aiden McGeady's double secured a 2-0 win for the Black Cats at Home Park, but Adams claimed his side 'were the better team' and that Sunderland are 'riding their luck'.

The result left Plymouth 22nd in League One and four points from safety.

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Most Sunderland supporters felt it was a case of 'sour grapes' - here's how some fans reacted on social media:

@steveranson1: "Sour grapes. To win when not playing at your best is a sign of a decent team"

@SAFC_Laids: "Nobody wins six games in a row with luck in ANY league. We have the quality to punish teams in this league for making mistakes even when we aren’t playing well. That’s one of the big differences between us and most of the league bar 2 or 3 other teams."

@DaveyG_SShields: "They had a 20 minute spell in the second half??? That was it! Think there first corner of the game came in second half!!!"

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@mattwilson_1983: "We were outplayed for most of the second half yesterday to be fair. I thought yesterday was a banana skin for us, but we dodged it while not playing well and without Catts & Power. Add Watmore and Wyke in there and we’ll take some stopping"

@SamJordan121: "Our keeper has been immense however to say we're riding our luck when we are controlling 70 minutes of 90 might be a little far fetched."

@gdfrank80: "Another in the ever growing list of bitter managers. It’s strange how we are lucky every week. I love how they bemoan the quality of our keeper and how clinical our finishing is, perhaps that’s why we win games, having more quality"

@itsbowezo: "Always think it’s strange saying they were lucky cos their keeper was man of match ... the keeper is part of the team ... would he say they were lucky cos their forward was man of the match and scored a goal ? Nah . Bloke is straw clutching"

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@Adam77312533: "Think Derek is the one who needs to be careful, he'll be collecting his p45 soon if they don't start moving up the league #underpressure"

Meanwhile on our SAFC Facebook page:

Keith Gardiner said: "Derek Adams makes a fair point but completely misses the bigger picture. We have without doubt sat in the top five throughout the season so far and are now threatening Pompey for a place at the top of the league and all this without hitting anywhere near top form. Winning whilst riding your luck proves that we will be in the top two permanently when JR gets us firing in every area of the pitch which isn't too far away. Haway the lads!!!"

Chris Storey commented: "It's all about 3pts and getting out of this league asap we can't play like Brazil every week"

Dave Palmer added: "Sooner or later we are going to do someone 4 or 5 nil. No doubt Derek Adams will put that down to luck too."