We are still getting bellyache.

We had a PM who lost an election and became PM anyway. He then held two referendums, the first of which he rigged so his coalition partners and mainstay of his Premiership lost nearly all their seats in Parliament. He then won an election by winning more than half his coalition partners seats. He then felt forced to resign a year later after an inconclusive vote in the third of three referendums he called himself. Only 37.4% of the people voted to leave the EU and 34.5% to stay. That was in England. A massive 40.5% voted to stay in the EU in Scotland and a mere 28% voted to leave the EU.

Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 8:13 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 1:48 pm

We currently have a PM who eight weeks ago campaigned against Brexit who is now implementing Brexit in spite of this inconclusive vote.

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The Labour Party has lost all its seats in Scotland nearly because two brothers contested the leadership of the party.  We now have a leader of the opposition who does not enjoy the support of his party. He campaigned to leave the EU in 1983 when he first came to Parliament under Michael Foot’s leadership of the Labour Party. Ten, nine and eight weeks ago he campaigned to stay in the EU. But in all his years in politics that is the only time he ever changed his position on anything, so nobody believes he meant to. He too now thinks the result of the third referendum was conclusive and should not be challenged. He can’t form a government without the support of 50 Scottish nationalists. They want to re run two or maybe even three of the referendums we’ve just had which caused all this chaos in the first place.

British politics isn’t working because none of the people actually want to have anything to do with any more referendums at all. They just wish their politicians could make up their minds about something anything at all please and then stick to it. It is after all what they are paid for.

Nigel F H Boddy