WATCH: Amazing video captures dolphins swimming off Roker Pier

This incredible video captures the moment on Sunderland man spotted a school of dolphins swimming off Roker Pier.

Tom McManus, from Hylton Castle, was on a boat he shares in Roker Marina called, 'The Coquet Lady' on Thursday night when he spotted the amazing creatures swimming just off the pier.

Tom, a gardener for Sunderland City Council, was quick to capture the rare sighting on his mobile phone and was delighted to have seen them

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He said: "I was on the boat with my good friends Paul Hartley and Neil Hudson, when I spotted these little things having a swim about just off Roker Pier around 5.36pm.

"We were about half a mile off Roker Pier when we saw at least 30 of them.

"It was amazing."