Was Valente's the best for 1980s bacon stotties?

Sumptuous pies, and a tasty meal of bacon stotties with a milky coffee '“ they were just some of your memories of 1980s Church Street in Seaham.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 11:00 am
Church Street in Seaham in 1986. It brought back so many memories for readers.

The recollections never fade of the days when Woolworths, Valentes, and Robinsons footwear were all in the street.

We shared a photograph on social media of the scene from 1986 and 47,000 of you took an interest. You loved reflecting on the days when Valentes was a favourite for a pop-in and a cuppa and a tasty breakfast treat.

Doggarts was another favourite for shoppers in Church Street, Seaham. Remember it?

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Our thanks go to Joyce Wood who said: “I just loved shopping down Church Street on a Friday and Saturday. Everyone knew everyone, happy days.”

Joyce remembered how, after a day of shopping, there was always a favourite which she saved until the end of the trip. “Last stop Nicholson’s for cakes for the weekend.”

Dorothy Allcorn remembered the “lovely pie’s at Nicholsons”.

Christine Thompson asked: “Who can remember Broughs and Duncan’s and of course Chalks when Church Street was a vibrant shopping centre.”

Can anyone help Christine out? Get in touch and tell us more by emailing [email protected]

Trevor Wright chipped in and said: “I remember when I could drive a car down Church Street, park your car, go inside Fine Fare, do your shopping, watch out for the camber on your car door, pop into the Rose + Crown and off to Rudds fishshop at boozy alley. Happy days early 70s.”

Lynne Roberts definitely remembered the street as we showed it in our 1986 photograph and said: “I remember it like this. Robinson’s had a branch in Murton too.”

And Margaret Atkinson Whitfield also recalled the scene and said: “Yes when I first came out of senior school. Happy days.”

Maria Casson worked at the Easington shop of Robinsons and said: “Now they were the good old days. xxxx.”

It prompted a reply from Margaret who said: “Aww I remember you Maria working at Easington with my sister lots laughs we had x hope you are well.”

Gemma Anderson said every time she sees the “wand shop in Harry Potter it reminds me of Robinson’s”.

Kath Bell was another former worker in Robinson’s “in the early 70s when it was still a ‘proper’ street. Alan Robinson (Philips Dad) used to park right outside the shop and we used to unload shoes from his boot. He also had a shop in Easington and one in Villette Road in Sunderland that his brother Doug had x”.

Philip Robinson replied to Kath and said: “We had one in Murton as well Kath.”

Jessica Gee was another to comment and said: “I’m sure my mam used to work at one. She tells me many great stories but not sure if there was one at Murton or if she worked in the Seaham one xxx.”

Kath Richardson simply commented: “Oh the good old days!!” while Gianna Ulyatt said: “Yes I worked in both shops during my student days.”

Catherine Salmon told us that she “worked opposite in the Co-op chemist” while Amanda Scorer remembered the milky coffee at Valentes.

Neil Anderson spotted Woolworths in the photograph and said: “Loved Woolies. Bought all my records there.”

Allyson Jewitt said: “Used to be such a thriving street” and Patricia Holden told us: “Remember milky coffee and a bacon stotie in Valentes, yum.”

Ray Snowball and Sheila Panter both remembered Church Street in the mid 1980s and plenty more of you loved the social media post.

They included Vera Butler, Muriel Smith, Joan Mcguinness, Carole Smith, Billy Cross, Amanda Andrews, Jacqui Gray, Margaret Osman, Emma Louise Clint, Val Anderson, Susan Taylor and Karen Norman.

Others included Sharon Stuart, Gillian Parker, Carly Marrin, Joyce Wood, Wayne Simpson, Peter John Luke, Dallas McDade, Neil Patterson and Claire Lou Lawson.

We thank everyone who took an interest and if anyone else would like to share their Seaham memories with us, email [email protected]