Vote for the Sunderland Echo Pub of the Year

We all have different ideas of what makes a perfect pub.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 2:11 pm
Manager at The Dolphin, holding award, Carl Donkin with the Echo's Pub of the Year honour alongside fellow staff.

Do you prefer a cosy traditional ale house, with comfy seats, crackling fire, the happy hum of background conversation and a pint?.

Perhaps it’s the banter and cheer of a buzzing street corner boozer, or gleaming city bar, craft beers and rustic snacks? Yes, pubs are a haven of solace and authenticity. .

Tell us who balances charm and history, service and sympathy, a well-stocked bar and hearty food, all pulled together with effortless professionalism.

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Who should make the top ten from our list of nominees and ultimately follow last year's winning pub?

To vote, buy a copy of the paper and fill out the competition coupon with the full name, address and voting number of your favourite from the list. .

Closing date for votes is Friday, September 21, 2018, with entry coupons appearing in each day's paper until then

Please note we can’t accept any photocopied or defaced coupons; coupons delivered by hand or after the closing date.

SEC001 White Lion, Newbottle Street, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC002 The Wild Boar -JD Wetherspoon, Frederick Place, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC003 The Sun Inn, Houghton Road, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC004 The Philadelphia, Success Road, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC005 The Stackyard, St Cuthberts Road, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC006 The Stables, West Herrington, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC007 Bee Hive Inn, Sunniside, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC008 The Station, Morton Cres, Fence Houses, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC009 The Floaters Mill, Woodstone Village, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC010 Shoulder of Mutton, Penshaw Place, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC011 The Prospect, Victoria Terrace, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC012 The Monument, Penshaw Lane, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC013 The Grey Horse, Penshaw Lane, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC014 The New Inn, Four Lane Ends, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC015 Hetton & District Working Men’s Club & Institute Ltd, Back Richard Street, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC016 The Prince of Wales, Railway Street, Houghton Le Spring.

SEC018 Champs Sports Bar, Emmerson Road, Washington.

SEC019 The Blue Bell, Pearth Hall Road, Washington.

SEC020 London Inn, Spout Lane, Washington.

SEC021 The Bird Inn, 2 Speculation Place, Washington.

SEC022 The New Tavern, 1 Speculation Place, Washington.

SEC023 Legends, Tyne Gardens, Washington.

SEC024 The Sir William Wessyngton, 2 Victoria Road, Washington.

SEC025 Cherry Tree, Goldcrest Road, Washington.

SEC026 The Courtyard Bar, Biddick Lane, Washington.

SEC027 The Havelock, Bonemill Lane, Washington.

SEC028 The Biddick Inn, Bonemill Lane, Washington.

SEC029 River Bar, 16 Bonemill Lane, Washington.

SEC030 NE38 Sports Bar, 57 Barmston Centre, Washington.

SEC031 Keelboat Inn, Stockfold, Washington.

SEC032 Sloanes Sport Bar, Central Buildings, Sunderland.

SEC033 Yates, 3-4 Burdon Road, Sunderland.

SEC034 The William Jameson - J D Wetherspoon, 30-32 Fawcett Street, Sunderland.

SEC035 Cheers, High Street East, Sunderland.

SEC036 The Charltons, 14 Hendon Road, Sunderland.

SEC037 Regale Tavern, East Hendon Road, Sunderland.

SEC038 The Catholic Venue, 56 Tatham Street, Sunderland.

SEC039 Dakota, 3 High Street, Sunderland.

SEC040 Sinatras, 31 Holmeside, Sunderland.

SEC041 Ttonic, 12-14 Vine Place, Sunderland.

SEC042 Cooper Rose, 2-4 Albian Place, Sunderland.

SEC043 Chaplins, 40 Stockton Road, Sunderland.

SEC044 The Port Of Call, 1-3 Park Lane, Sunderland.

SEC045 Legacy, 15 Olive Street, Sunderland.

SEC046 Establishment, 34 Low Road, Sunderland.

SEC047 Fitzgeralds, 10-12 Green Tce, Sunderland.

SEC048 Life of Riley, 4 Green Terrace, Sunderland.

SEC049 The Lambton Worm - J D Wetherspoon, Victoria Building Low Row, Sunderland.

SEC050 Museum Vaults, 33 Silksworth Row, Sunderland.

SEC051 The Ship Isis, 26 Silksworth Row, Sunderland.

SEC052 The Queens, 78-79 Ryhope Street South, Sunderland.

SEC053 The Albion Inn, 42 The Village, Sunderland.

SEC054 The Railway Inn, Robson Place, Sunderland.

SEC055 Ryhope Catholic Club, Dinsdale Cottages, Sunderland.

SEC056 The Guide Post Inn, Ryhope Street South, Sunderland.

SEC057 The Stumble Inn, 88 Chester Road, Sunderland.

SEC058 The Rosedene, Queen Alexander Road, Sunderland.

SEC059 Hollymere, Leechmere Road, Sunderland.

SEC060 Grangetown Workmen’s Club, 27-28 Windsor Terrace, Sunderland.

SEC061 The Park, 15 William Doxford Centre, Sunderland.

SEC062 The Colonel Prior, 1 Moorside Road, Sunderland.

SEC063 The Inn Place, Knollside Close, Sunderland.

SEC064 The Dolphin Pub, Ashdown Road, Sunderland.

SEC065 The Board Inn, 1 Durham Road, Sunderland.

SEC066 The Thorney Close Inn, Thorndale Road, Sunderland.

SEC067 The Lansdowne, 32-33 Deptford Road, Sunderland.

SEC068 The Kings Arms, Beach Street, Sunderland.

SEC069 The Railway Tavern, 1 Westbury Street, Sunderland.

SEC070 The Chesters, Chester Road, Sunderland.

SEC071 Mountain Daisy, 150 Hylton Road, Sunderland.

SEC072 The Willow Pond, 173 Hylton Pond, Sunderland.

SEC073 Oddfellows Arms, Waterside, Sunderland.

SEC074 Hastings Hill, 2 Chester Road, Sunderland.

SEC075 Grindon Broadway Social Club & Institute Ltd, Grindon Social Club & Institute, Sunderland.

SEC076 The Victory, 39-40 North Bridge Street, Sunderland.

SEC077 Colliery Tavern, Southwick Road, Sunderland.

SEC078 The Grange Hotel, 225-227 Newcastle Road, Sunderland.

SEC079 Hogans, Stoney Lane, Sunderland.

SEC080 The Tram Car Inn, 51 The Green, Sunderland.

SEC081 Wearmouth Colliery Welfare, Carley Hill Ground, Sunderland.

SEC082 The Wessington, Wessington Way Hylton Grange, Sunderland.

SEC083 Heppies, North Hylton Road, Sunderland.

SEC084 Town End Farm Workmen’s Club & Institute Ltd, Bexhill Road,Town End Farm, Sunderland.

SEC085 Last Orders, Rotherfield Road, Sunderland.

SEC086 The Wheatsheaf, 207 Roker Ave, Sunderland.

SEC087 The Albion, Victor Street, Sunderland.

SEC088 The Avenue, Zetland Street, Sunderland.

SEC089 The Wolsey, 40 Millum Terrace, Sunderland.

SEC090 The Cambridge, 88 Fulwell Road, Sunderland.

SEC091 The Harbour View, Harbour View, Sunderland.

SEC092 Queen Victoria, Harbour View, Sunderland.

SEC093 The Jolly Sailor, 1 East Street, Sunderland.

SEC094 The Cottage Tavern, North Street, Sunderland.

SEC095 , The Promenade, 1-2 Queens Avenue, Sunderland.

SEC096 Blue Bell, Fulwell Road, Sunderland.

SEC097 Mill View Social Club & Institute Ltd, Station Road, Sunderland.

SEC098 The Royal Marine, Sea Road, Sunderland.

SEC099 The Cliff, Mere Knolls Road, Sunderland.

SEC100 The New Derby, Roker Baths Road, Sunderland.

SEC101 The Hat and Feathers, 57-59 Church Street, Seaham.

SEC102 Volunteer Arms, St Johns Square, Seaham.

SEC103 The Crows Nest, Featherbed Court, Seaham.

SEC104 Aunty Mandy’s Bar, 5 West Grove, Seaham.

SEC105 The Mallard, Stockton Road, Seaham.

SEC106 Murton Club (Official), 22A Woods Terrace East, Seaham.

SEC107 Bar Justice, 47 West Sunniside, Sunderland.

SEC108 Church Door, West Sunniside, Sunderland.

SEC109 Bar 808, John Street, Sunderland.

SEC110 The Engine Room, High Street West, Sunderland.

SEC111 The Peacock, High Street West, Sunderland.

SEC112 The Dun Cow, Garden Place, Sunderland.

SEC113 Hidden, 18 Park Lane, Sunderland.

SEC114 The Burton House, 4-6 Saville Place, Sunderland.