Volunteers' pride as group continues bid to improve community

Volunteers who are passionate about improving their area have planted the seeds for a brighter future.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17 April, 2018, 06:00
The planting took place despite adverse weather conditions.

Members of the Fulwell Community Library group, helped by Friends of Fulwell and Thompson Park nurseries, planted six planters which were empty on the seafront.

Despite adverse weather conditions, volunteers were delighted with the turnout.

They had noticed that the planters were empty some time ago, and approached Sunderland City Council to make arrangements to adopt them into their scheme to improve the Fulwell area.

The groups had previously planted flower beds on Fulwell green, planters in Sea Road and spring bulbs at South Bents.

The council provided a community fund grant of £850, which partly covered the bulb planting at South Bents and with the purchase of plants.

In addition, summer bedding plants have been ordered, with schools and other organisations set to be involved when the time comes to plant them.

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The community grant was approved by all local councillors, including Coun Margaret Beck, who was at the planting.

Coun Beck said: “It is no good complaining that a place is untidy.

“Before we started working today we had to clean up cigarette ends, discarded coffee cups and even dog mess.

“This wasn’t put there by the council but by inconsiderate people.

“It is time that people started taking a pride in the area they live.

“The volunteers who work with us give their time freely to help other people and it is due to them and their efforts that we can keep Fulwell the way it should be.”