Vaux trekkers go pier-to-pier for dementia charity

Vaux Brewery enthusiasts have walked miles for their favourite charity.
The end of the seven-mile Vaux charity walk for Action On Dementia SunderlandThe end of the seven-mile Vaux charity walk for Action On Dementia Sunderland
The end of the seven-mile Vaux charity walk for Action On Dementia Sunderland

With the former Sunderland company’s logo on proud display, the 11 trekkers stomped the seven miles between the piers of South Shields and Roker in just two-and-a-half hours as they raised cash for Action On Dementia Sunderland, which provides support in the city to people with dementia, their families, carers and friends.

Before the first step from South Shields had even been taken, they had already raised £545. They are now well past that amount and their target figure is £1,999 because 1999 was the year when Vaux ceased trading.

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The walkers are part of the Vaux Collectables group, who keep the name of the Sunderland Brewery alive by collecting memorabilia and staging exhibitions of the company, which was forced to close following a takeover.

Among the walkers was former Vaux director Mark Anderson, now managing director of the Maxim Brewery which produces the famous Double Maxim brand.

Also on the march was Richie Morgan, 64, a school crossing supervisor for Sunderland City Council. He is also a leading member of the Vaux Collectibles group and an avid collector. He has a treasure trove of memorabilia from the brewery at home and is delighted with the fund raising so far.

He said: “The walk was fantastic. You can’t ask for anything better than to walk along our beautiful coast. It was a great way to raise money and we might do it again next year.

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“Dementia is something we all need to deal with. I’m glad we did it.”

Further funds will be raised at a forthcoming Vaux reunion and exhibition to mark the 20th anniversary of the brewery’s closure. There will be an auction of football and other memorabilia.

The nostalgic event will also feature a raffle with some unusual prizes, including a meal for four, driving lessons and a tattoo!

All are welcome at the event which takes place upstairs in the Chester pub, Chester Road, on Friday 5 July from 7pm.

Anyone wishing to donate a spare couple of pounds to Action On Dementia Sunderland should visit