Traffic wardens spoilt Sunday football match

I remember reading an article recently about the priest from St Mary's Church having a pop at the council for allowing traffic wardens to target his parishioners.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Friday, 12th October 2018, 12:16 pm

I remember thinking how low can you get, especially as most churchgoers these days are getting on, and the ones who don’t have a blue badge are easy targets.

Well I’ve just found out it’s not just the old who are easy targets.

I went to the ski slopes in Silksworth on Sunday morning to watch both my sons, who play football for the Pennywell Comrades, on the artificial pitches.

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It was an away fixture so it was their first time this year up there.

The game had already started when I arrived but the first thing I noticed was the car park was full with no spare parking bays, and two wardens were planting tickets on every car not parked in a bay.

When I pointed out that there was nowhere else to park the one with the beard said that’s not my problem. I pointed out that all the cars with tickets on were more than likely all the young footballers trying not to miss the kick-off and not hindering anyone getting in or out

He sarcastically responded it wasn’t his problem.

Finally with my dander right up, I said why couldn’t he turn up early and encourage these young boys to find alternative parking as I’m sure he will know where rather than wait until they have kicked of?

He sarcastically said what would be the point of traffic wardens then?

How sad is it when some people take pleasure in spoiling other people’s Sundays.

Ged Taylor