Join the Sunderland Echo's free WhatsApp service to be the first with all the breaking news in our city

The Sunderland Echo has launched a new WhatsApp service so you can find out all the breaking news instantly on your mobile phone.
Join the Sunderland Echo's breaking news WhatsApp alert groupJoin the Sunderland Echo's breaking news WhatsApp alert group
Join the Sunderland Echo's breaking news WhatsApp alert group

Readers who sign up to our WhatsApp service will receive messages with our biggest stories plus the latest breaking news, such as weather warnings, road closures and crime incidents.

The service is free to join. Here’s what to do:

- Go to the WhatsApp app on your phone and add The Echo as a contact, with the phone number 07785 648958. You must add The Echo as a contact to be able to receive messages into your WhatsApp inbox.

- Send us a message in WhatsApp with the word ‘NEWS’.

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- We will add you to one of our broadcast lists and you will start receiving messages shortly after.

I don’t have WhatsApp - how do I get the app?

You can download WhatsApp from the app store on your mobile phone. WhatsApp is a free app and there are versions for Android, iPhone and Windows.

What will happen to my phone number?

The Echo complies with all relevant GDPR regulations and maintains the highest standard of data protection.

When you send us a message, we will add your phone number to a broadcast list on WhatsApp so we can send you latest news alerts. Your phone number will not be visible to anyone else using the service.

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Your phone number will be used to send you news alerts and to inform you if there are any other news lists set up you may wish to join.

If any changes are made to the WhatsApp service you will be informed via text message.

For more information visit the official GDPR website or see WhatsApp’s security information.

Will you send me any marketing messages?

No. We will not use your phone number to send you any advertising or marketing alerts, including any offers run by The Echo.

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Your phone number will be only used for the WhatsApp service. It will not be used to promote any other services nor will it be given to third parties.

How can I stop receiving messages?

If you would like to stop receiving alerts, reply to one of our messages with the word ‘STOP’.

Your phone number will be removed from the broadcast list and you will stop receiving messages.

Is there a service just for Sunderland AFC news?

Yes, there is. For all the latest SAFC news, click here to sign up to the football WhatsApp service.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about the WhatsApp service, email Mark Thompson on [email protected]