Effective and attractive: What you said about plans to upgrade Sunderland's station

Echo readers have had their say on hopes to rebuild Sunderland’s ‘eyesore’ railway station to provide a better service for passengers.

Monday, 5th August 2019, 3:00 pm
Echo readers have been sharing their view on Sunderland station's future.

Nexus, the organisation which runs and manages the Metro, confirmed it is continuing to look for government funding to carry on modernisation work on the service, as well as working alongside Sunderland City Council, which is bidding for cash from the Department for Transport Transforming Cities Fund.

The revelation came on Sunday, August 4, at the opening of the new South Shields transport interchange, which houses the town’s bus and Metro services all under one roof.

Sunderland’s bid for station improvements was announced in June as part of overall plans by the North East Joint Transport Committee to transform the way people travel throughout the region.

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Sunderland City Council has a bid in for funding to improve the station.

The city hopes to secure £12.6million towards a new railway station concourse, and £4.5million for a car park to serve it.

Readers have welcomed the news – with some adding it’s ‘about time’ the station and area saw some investment.

Others pleaded for the station to be ‘knocked down’ and started from scratch.

This is what you had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Some of you have called for the station to be 'knocked down' and started again.

Charlie Banks: “It’s all money but it must not be simply cosmetic. Efficient and attractive Stations make statements about places and help form impressions.”

Carolann Brown: “So it should it is a right mess … they demolished a beautiful old building for this.”

Margaret Crosbie: “I hope we get toilets in the station.”

Hank Witherspoon: “Wasn't that long ago it had a revamp. Needs to be rebuilt.”

David Render: “It doesn't need rebuilding just hidden behind something modern.”

Kathy Black: “Money should be spent on people not buildings.”

Ste Dixon: “Needs to be knocked down and started again.”

Lee Richardson: “About time!”

Kevin Dakers: “It’s an eyesore.”

Anne Bingham: “I hate going to this station, it looks like something off a horror film.”

Dave Rostron: “Should never have been moved from High Street to the stupid back alley location it has now.”