Town End Farm bus service is all to pot

Bus service is all to pot Since they have taken the number4 service off Town End Farm, Sunderland, the bus services 12/13 have gone to pot.

The 12/13 used to regularly run together to and from the estate, but now instead of waiting for 10 minutes for a bus, people are constantly waiting 20 minutes for a bus.

This is happening all the time, not just as a odd one-off.

It took me 50 minutes to get home from Sunderland Town Centre to Town End Farm on Monday, February 6.

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I was waiting for the bus from about 4.40pm until after 5pm and it then took 30 minutes to get home.

I got on the number 12 service and it was packed.

Everyone getting on the bus was complaining, then the 13 pulled up behind empty, as everyone had got on the bus in front, the number 12.

This is a regular occurrence.

In the time I was waiting for a bus there was 2x number 4 service, 3x number 16 service and 2x number 56 service.

The 12 and 13 services need to be sorted out as it is a nightmare trying to catch one of these services. You never know when they are going to turn up.

I have sent an email to the bus company complaining and I am awaiting a reply.

More people should write to the bus company to complain and then they may sort this out.

D Kell

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