Thousands of you remembered this favourite Sunderland pub

The Prospect pub holds a special place in the hearts of Sunderland Echo readers.

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 1:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 1:51 pm
Bring back memories? Every vantage point was used to watch the FA Cup coming home in 1973.

It’s one of the many vantage points that pepole used to watch the FA Cup come home in 1973.

But it was much more than that. Whether it was games of pool, dominoes in the backroom, wedding parties or other functions, the Durham Road venue had a reason to strike a chord with thousands of you.

The view of the Prospect which we shared on social media.

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In fact, it reached 58,000 of you when we shared a photograph on social media and asked you all to comment on it.

Lots remembered that famous day in 1973 when Sunderland brought the cup home and the roof and walls of the Prospect were a great viewing point.

Alec Philliskirk said the pub’s demolition was a “shame” and added: “I remember standing on the roof when Sunderland went past when they won the FA cup in 1973.”

Tricia Percy called it: “My dads local and 1973 when everyone was on the roof and in the street on FA cup day with the open top bus with the players on it.”

The fans were back again after the 1992 Cup Final.

She added: “I was on dads shoulders next to the traffic lights. Me and my sister Dawn Dobson many moons ago now but a fab memory.”

Jan Lillie said: “1973 standing on the wall watching the FA cup coming by.”

Kay Elizabeth Elliott called it: “My heart, my home! Xxx.”

Kelly Maria Seaman said they were “good memories” and added: “Fab Halloween parties... Remember the tree swing near the shops... Ahhh youth.”

Thanks also to Marie Pentland who described the Prospect as a “landmark for year’s !!! Should never have been allowed to be demolished !!! It could have been adapted !!!”

Daney Simpson commented: “Big miss this place! Loved it growing up..from my childhood then to working there. Had the best days in here on a weekend! xxxx.”

Stevie Atkinson said: “Used to meet there for Sunday league matches with Humbledon and Plains Farm. Manager was called Gordon. Great days.”

And thanks also to George Acka who said: “Had me first pint in there played football for them great memories.”

Kathryn Wilkinson commented: “Just was talking about this lovely building should not have been pulled down.”

Mandy Fletcher was one of those who commented who was employed at the Prospect. She said: “Worked here with lovely people x.”

Rob Westgarth remembered: “We used to buy our sweets at the front hatch and take empty pop bottles back for coppers.”

And Bobby Robins recalled: “Dominos in the back smoke room !!”

Paul Rochester described the pub as “my local” and added: “ Had some good times in prospect.”

More than 500 of you liked the post and they included Cath Ann Gray, Ian Donkin, Wendy Carlisle, Marjorie Rollins, Megan Stokoe, Lorraine Watson, Sue Gunn and Dave Richardson.

Others to comment included Patricia Worthy who said: “Lived just round the corner passed it every day.”

Nicola Bainbridge called it the “best pub in Sunderland” while Cath Hogan said: “Loved working there xxxxx.”

Our thanks also go to Tracey McCourt who said: “Loved it. Got some great memories of that pub! x” and to Sharon Brooke who commented: “Can’t believe it, 10 years! Was a lovely pub.”

Others to like the social media post included Ken Mustard, Kathleen Lauderdale, Mark Fisk, Kim Cunningham, John Atherton, Julie Naisby, Sam Thirlaway and Kat Hoggarth.

Andrea Haley commented: “Wow 10 years!! Loved going there xx.”

Ryan Metters remembered “sonic the hedgehog on Sega” and Stuart Dunbar called the Prospect: “A great local.”

Joe Dunn said he lived in Premier Road “so saw a lot of it.”

Thanks to everyone who shared their memories and to all those who liked the story on social media, including Barbara Scrafton, Nicola Lee Croucher, John Craig, Peter Mapstone, Sarah Murray, Berna Carlson, Jade McDermott, Stephen Holst and Wendy Veater.

Is there another former pub from the Wearside and County Durham area you would like us to remember?

Or maybe there’s a favourite shop, store, or restaurant which still brings back fond memories.

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