There's not enough respect for the disabled

I was sorry to read in the Echo how Tara, the lady in the wheelchair, had her view restricted by ignorant people at the Gary Barlow concert.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10 May, 2018, 17:27
Our writer has sympathy with wheelchair user Tara Johnson, from Whitburn, who couldn't see at Gary Barlow's Sunderland Empire concert due to people standing in front of her.

However, I wasn’t surprised as, sadly, a lot of people have a horrible attitude towards the disabled and elderly.

I am disabled and suffer discrimination too almost a daily basis.

It ranges from complete strangers’ comments to people barging into you in the town centre.

People think because I am not old it gives them a right to pass comment.

It is worse on the buses. I have witnessed able-bodied people sitting in the seats for the disabled and elderly on an empty bus.

If you say something to these people, you get a mouthful of abuse.

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The young ones are worse, and some young mothers with prams give you a mouthful of foul language.

People no longer give up their seats for the elderly or disabled, which I was taught to do as a youngster.

If I drop my stick no one offers to pick it up, and I have to scramble on the floor for it while people just look on.

I think it is such a shame we live in a uncaring society. People forget it could be them one day.

Name withheld