The Vamps reveal their connection to the North East at the South Tyneside Festival

Boy band The Vamps had the crowd in the palm of their hand when they performed at the South Tyneside Festival on Sunday.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 15 July, 2018, 19:22

The popular band, who shot to fame with their debut single Can We Dance in 2013, were the headliners at the second of this year's South Tyneside Festival concerts held in Bents Park in South Shields.

The incredible weather brought in crowds of around 20,000 people who were blown away by the bands hour-long set.

The Vamps backstage at the South Tyneside Festival at Bents Park in South Shields.

The foursome kicked off their set with Staying Up, before launching into hits Last Night, followed by Shades On, which really got the crowd going on such a beautiful sunny day.

Speaking ahead of their performance, lead singer Brad Simpson said he had family members from the North East, revealing that he had many relatives from the region who had turned out to support the band at their South Shields gig.

He said: "All of my family is from here, my mum is from Killingworth and my dad is from Walker and we have family in Anwick.

"I am seeing them today and a lot of my family are out there as well, some cousins are here and a lot of my family from up here I haven't met yet, so today we are meeting up.

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The Vamps on stage at Bents Park.

"We are going to play a few songs from each album, its about getting everyone involved and having a good time, that is the main thing."

On what he loved about the North East he added: "The people are lovely up here and I love Peach Melba's - you can't get them anywhere else."

Tristan Evans added: "I love the accent."

James McVey said: "It is our second time here in about five years, so it is good to be back.

Brad Simpson on stage at Bents Park.

"There is good weather here this time, as last time it was a bit cold, so it's amazing."