The Beast from the East: One year on from the freak snowstorm that brought the North East to a standstill

This time last year was the renowned Beast from the East, which saw Scotland hit by below freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall - breaking weather records not seen for decades.

By Helen Johnson
Monday, 25th February 2019, 1:02 pm
Updated Monday, 25th February 2019, 1:07 pm
Beast from the east
Beast from the east

We take a look back at this time last year in comparison to the current weather - and the iconic images which show what happened when the Beast from the East hit Scotland.

Variable amounts of cloud on 24 February 2018, burning away by lunchtime, leaving almost unbroken sunshine for all.
This years weather was considerably warmer, with bright sunshine and a peak temperature of around 15C in most areas.
The 25 Feb started with a widespread moderate frost, with persistent cloud around the north-east, and almost unbroken sunshine everywhere else.
Dry, settled, and very mild, with some sunny spells after the clearance of overnight mist, fog, and low cloud.
Wintry showers in eastern regions on 26 Feb gradually spread westwards during the day.
Tomorrow is set to see bright sunshine throughout the day in most areas, with a peak temperature of 14C.
The 27 Feb was very cold with widespread snow showers, heaviest across eastern districts.
This year, 27 February will see a mixture of sunny spells and cloud, accompanied by a peak temperature of 14C.
Bitterly cold with sunshine and frequent snow showers on 28 Feb, the showers heavy at times and locally thundery in the north and east.
Temperatures will then begin to cool this week, with maximums gradually falling to return to seasonal averages. Maximum temperature of 8C.
In 2018, 1 March was bitterly cold, with over 50 cm reported in Cumbria and Northumberland. Storm Emma also brought disruptive snowfall and strong winds.
A change to less mild and more changeable conditions is likely by Friday. Maximum temperature of 11C.
Outbreaks of snow still affected the south and south-west on 2 March, with light snow showers in the north-east.
This Saturday is set to see a peak temperature of 10C, with most areas cloudy but dry.
It turned milder on 3 March with rain for the south-west and patchy rain, sleet and snow in the north.
This Sunday is set to see sunshine throughout most of the day, with a maximum temperature of around 9C.