Sunderland school's warning to parents about 'inappropriate' YouTube character Jeffy

A school in Sunderland has warned parents about an online character being 'unsuitable' for children.

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 9:56 am
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 12:32 am
A Sunderland school is warning parents that Jeffy on YouTube is not suitable for children.
A Sunderland school is warning parents that Jeffy on YouTube is not suitable for children.

Ryhope Infant School Academy issued the warning after it heard the children talking about the popular YouTube character, Jeffy.

The puppet series on the online site, which has millions of viewers, is for adults, however, at first glance it may seem child-friendly.

Susan Reed, headteacher at Ryhope Infant School Academy.

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Shaftesbury Avenue school, which caters for early years children aged three to seven-years-old, took to its Facebook page to warn parents of the dangers.

Headteacher, Susan Reed, said: "Some of the children were talking about the character in school, we just wanted to highlight this to parents.

"We decided to use our Facebook page to warn parents about it, and use social media in a way it should be used.

"We want to share information like this wherever we can to help keep our children safe."

On it's Facebook page, Ryhope Infant School Academy, wrote: "It has come to our attention that several of our children have been viewing videos of a character named "Jeffy" on YouTube at home.

"This content is highly inappropriate for children, despite the fact that it might seem child friendly at first glance (puppets, classrooms etc). This includes graphic sexual content. We have also been made aware that these videos are still available to view in restricted mode.

"We advise that you monitor your child's online activity carefully and use YouTube's reporting system to report this type of content."