Sunderland owner Stewart Donald to meet potential big-money investor Juan Sartori in Monaco - reports

Stewart Donald will this weekend jet to Monaco to meet wealthy Uruguayan businessman Juan Sartori about potentially investing in Sunderland, claim reports.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 1:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th May 2018, 1:46 pm

Donald revealed yesterday on talkSPORT he will be heading to Monaco for talks with a friend who has expressed an interest in investing with the club.

And the identity of the potential big-money investor has now been revealed by talkSPORT presenter Jim White.

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White, at the end of today's programme, said Sartori is prepared to invest 'big money' in Sunderland. Donald has already stated he would remain the majority shareholder regardless of whether further investment could be secured.

Donald last year met with Sartori, in his role as a member of Oxford United’s Supporters’ Trust to discuss a possible takeover at the Kassam Stadium.

Sartori is a close associate of Russian billionaire, Dmitry Rybolovlev, president of Monaco who lives in the principality.

Sartori has previously expressed a desire to still get involved in an English football club.

Sunderland owner Stewart Donald.

“I would think it very likely at some point I find a club to buy that I like,” he said previously.

“This is because I am passionate about football and I like the thought of building a successful club.

“Whether that it is in England or a different country, with Oxford United or a different club I do not know – but I will spend money on the right opportunity.

“I think you can certainly say it probably won’t be the last time I try to do something in football.”

Donald, speaking on talkSPORT on Wednesday morning, revealed his plans to jet to Monaco this weekend.

Donald said: “The day the deal got announced I got offered £22million more than I paid for it to sell it – and I didn’t even have it.

“I have no interest in that. What I have got when we talk about where we take the football club, there are lots of people in the business world that I know who have expressed an interest.

“One person is a very good friend of mine who I would be interested in. He’s very well connected and as soon as I did the deal he said ‘Stew, can I get involved?’.

“I’m going to pop over this weekend and see him in Monaco. The Grand Prix is on, it’s been pretty hard work so I’m going to have a couple of days off, we’ll sit down and I’ll see if he wants to dot the is and cross the ts.

“I’ve told him about the deal, he’s good in football, he’s good in business and I think I might get him involved.

“That would be a minority stake and he’s the sort of guy you’re talking about where if I can’t do it, can he help me do it? Absolutely yes.”

Donald bought Sunderland off Ellis Short for £40million, to be paid over a maximum of two years.