Sunderland man stalked his ex and threatened to post naked photos of her on Facebook

A stalker who threatened his ex that he would post naked photos of her on Facebook has been jailed for nearly three years.

Friday, 10th March 2017, 2:36 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:05 am
Rawlings threatened to post naked pictures of his ex on Facebook.

The judge told Jamie Rawlings, 27, that it was a cowardly and miserable act designed to create the maximum pressure on the woman to renew their relationship.

The 26-year-old woman ended their relationship last November because of his violence towards her and they had a two-year-old child.

Prosecutor Emma Atkinson told Teesside Crown Court that the woman took out a restraining order against him on November 13, but in mid-December she received information that he wanted to talk to her.

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She agreed and he said that he wanted a second chance. He said that that he was homeless and that he had no food.

She allowed him to stay in the garage at her home in Darlington, but later she told him that he had to leave.

Miss Atkinson added: "He threatened her, saying that he would put some naked photos of her on Facebook.

"He said that he would tell social services and she let him stay rather than lose the children."

On January 20 she found him in the garage and she again told him to leave. The next day she went to a friend's house and he followed her all the way.

He was texting her threatening to show up, and he went to a play area where she had taken the children.

Miss Atkinson said: "He sent her an explicit photo, saying 'Facebook next'."

He sent a second explicit photo and threatened to put her windows in, adding "We're all going to lose, I'm not going to suffer on my own."

Later that evening she was in a pub and he banged on the window calling her "vile".

She phoned her mother, who rang the police, and they went to the pub and escorted her home.

On January 23, when she left to take the children to school, he was standing outside, saying that he was going to ruin her life.

He followed her to school and he was arrested there.

Rawlings, of Plumstead Square, Sunderland, told officers: "I am following her and harassing her because she made me homeless."

The woman said in a victim impact statement that Rawlings' threats of posting naked photos of her terrified her.

Miss Atkinson said the woman felt that Rawlings would benefit from support for his mental health.

He had 24 convictions for 34 offence,s including common assault on the woman and a restraining order granted to his mother.

James Turner, defending, said Rawlings now accepts that the relationship is over, but he needs help as well as punishment.

Judge Tony Briggs told Rawlings, who appeared over a video link from Holme House Prison in Stockton: "Those who are in breach of such orders face quite significant punishment.

"There is the unforgivable offence of sending a sexual photo of your former partner to others.

"That was clearly done to create maximum upset and pressure upon her and was deeply upsetting to her.

"That is something that no court can allow, or indeed no community. It is cowardly, miserable and designed to create maximum distress."

Rawlings was jailed for 33 months, including a consecutive sentence of 12 months for the naked photos offence.

He pleaded guilty to four offences of breach of a non-molestation order, posting sexual photos, sending threatening messages and stalking.