Sunderland local elections: Who will get your vote in Pallion?

The countdown to the local elections on May 5 is well underway.

Friday, 29th April 2016, 1:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 3:09 pm
Candidates for the Pallion ward in the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, Alan Robinson, Conor Sutton, Amy Wilson and Philip Young. Not pictured: Ian Pallace.

Today we profile the vandidates vying for your vote in the Pallion ward.

Ian Pallace (UKIP)

No information supplied.

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Alan Robinson (Green)

I am married with two children. I moved to Sunderland in 1997.

I am now employed as a teacher, working at a large academy in Birtley.

I am concerned by the widespread and serious failures of our council, that leave our vulnerable children unsafe and at risk and means that the welfare of children in Pallion isn’t properly safeguarded or promoted.

We have one the most expensive councils per head of population in the UK which given the circumstances of the city is totally unacceptable.

I if elected will aim to cut costs and reduce waste. I will represent the wants and needs of the ward and not those of just a few cronies in the civic centre.

Conor Sutton (LibDem)

I’m standing for council as I believe it’s time for real change here in Sunderland. I believe it’s time for fresh ideas, clear thoughts and new perspectives to be brought onto our council.

We need people who aren’t scared to hold the council accountable on its decisions, who aren’t afraid to stand up for the people of Sunderland.

We need a council that is efficient, effective, and willing to be open with the people they represent about the decisions they make.

I believe that transparency is as important as ever in today’s world, and our present council isn’t exactly willing to say a great deal about what it does.

If things don’t change soon, I fear Sunderland will get stuck in a cycle of bureaucracy and delays, where it takes years for anything to actually be done. Now is the time to vote for change in Sunderland!

Amy Wilson (Labour)

Having lived in Pallion all my life and raised my family here, it is an honour to have been selected to stand again as the Labour Party candidate in this year’s local elections.

Since first being elected twelve years ago, it has been a real privilege to have worked with residents, ward colleagues, local businesses and other partners, to tackle a wide range of issues.

Although improvements are still needed, the area has gone from strength to strength during that time – we now have two housing builds in the area, Highfield Community School and an extra care home, and working closely with Pallion traders, a few months ago we saw the first-ever local Christmas lights.

If re-elected, I promise to continue to work tirelessly and in partnership with all stakeholders, to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and for our community.

Philip Young (Conservative)

I live in Sunderland and work from an office in Doxford International.

While I welcome the £369million investment in the City under this Government it only scratches the surface after years of neglect. 

I will fight against the spend for spend sake mentality of councillors pushing their own vanity projects. Tens and hundreds of thousands have been spent on these. Vital services are neglected while personal whims are funded.

I will look for spending to benefit the residents of Pallion. There is no better example of neglected services than the shocking and unprecedented collapse of Children’s Services in the city.

There are huge areas, where good family houses have been demolished, and I will fight to have these communities rebuilt.

I also strongly believe that the number of councillors should be reduced from 75 to a maximum of 50, saving over £400,000 per year.