Sunderland-Chelsea: David Moyes calls for winter break

David Moyes has made a call for a winter in English football - but NOT during the festive period.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 5:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 10:22 am
Winter break call: David Moyes
Winter break call: David Moyes

The Sunderland boss has suggested the Premier League have two weeks off in January.

"During my time in Spain, we had a two week break," said the former Real Sociedad coach in his programme notes in match-day programme Red & White.

"It allowed players to have one week off and then return to training to prepare for the next game.

"I felt that this was good for the players and a second benefit was that there was an added spell of anticipation for the first fixture after the break.

"It was only a small interlude but I liked the way in which it enabled players to spend some time with their families.

"With Spain having a high number of players from South America it allowed them yo go home and see the people they are close to.

"My preference would be to have a break here during the first two weeks in January.

"Christmas and New Years games have always been part of our culture and I don't think we should change that.

"I would welcome a break as it would benefit players who have played a lot of games in December, giving them time to recuperate.

"It would also help supporters because we know the festive period can be expensive for families."