Sunderland are sucking life out of everybody '“ and are in danger of driving more fans away

Sunderland's latest home defeat to Cardiff City was hard enough for the fans to take but it got even worse when other results left Sunderland in a relegation spot.

Tuesday, 26th September 2017, 11:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 9:45 am
Plenty of empty seats at the Stadium of Light on Saturday during the 2-1 defeat to Cardiff City.

That’s four consecutive defeats at the Stadium of light now.

Just one point from a possible 15, with a paltry three goals scored in front of the home fans and not one of those came from open play, with two penalties and a header from a free-kick.

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Those horrendous statistics just scratch the surface though, when just like the previous home game against Nottingham Forest, Sunderland’s defence couldn’t have been more generous as points are thrown away because of a lack of discipline and focus.

The penalty for Cardiff’s winner was just a gift for the opposition but the first goal conceded after just seven minutes was so basic.

It immediately put Sunderland on the back foot and yet again in a home game at the Stadium of Light having to play catch-up.

Sunderland even had three centre-backs to deal with it, yet still, a long straight goal kick from the keeper outwitted them all and ends up in the back of Sunderland’s net, putting them almost from the off under pressure.

All of these failures and unforced errors are draining the fans.

It is sucking the life out of everybody, who haven’t yet been driven away, when all we want to see is a team playing without fear and winning a few games.

At least the team did force their way back into the game with Lynden Gooch’s first league goal and credit to them for that.

But even then, all that hard work is wasted by giving away a needless penalty and a team with an already fragile mind-set is never going to come back from that.

I hate it when Sunderland suffer any defeat but when it comes on the back of such a bad run, it makes things worse but more than losing games I am even more concerned about losing the fans as the fans are the best thing about Sunderland and the club is nothing without them.

25,500 isn’t a bad attendance in the division we are in, but they are on a downward trend and that should massively concern everybody connected with the club.

Yes, Sunderland had injuries that didn’t help and can curse their luck when they hit the woodwork again but most people agree that the league table starts to take shape after nine or 10 games so Sunderland’s current position says it all.