Sunderland 0 Everton 3: How SAFC fans reacted on Twitter after Lukaku hat-trick

Sunderland's dismal Premier League form in August and September continued tonight, with Everton handing out a 3-0 beating at the Stadium of Light.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 9:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 8:44 am
Adnan Januzaj tries to make an impact for Sunderland against Everton tonight. Picture by Frank Reid

Romelu Lukaku ended his 11-game league run without a goal by bagging a 12-minute second-half hat-trick.

Here’s how some Sunderland fans reacted on Twitter.

@Parsden: We need to stop starting with Watmore. He’s an impact player at best

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@S3rgio3: Well that was awful. Defence fell apart and midfield non-existent.

@Sunlunfan: Can’t begrudge Everton the win. Lightyears ahead of us in that 2nd half. Djilobodji at 27 should be nowhere near as rash as he was

@NDJ0602: Kirchoff good first half but totally faded 2nd. Januzaj not effective enough. Always trying to do that little bit too much

@jrutherford11: Pretty abysmal from Sunderland. Different season, same old problems. Cue revival March.

@Lennox66Steve: No free headers when Sam was manager

@AHendrikson: Sunderland looked worryingly tired in that second half.

@Shaun_Hall23: SAFC do not play jack Rodwell again this season !! Can’t pass, head, tackle, utterly embarrassing the guy is a joke!

@rickneary86: can’t we just skip to the bit where we narrowly avoid relegation please? i like that bit #safc

@mfarn55: You’d think after all these years I would get used to this feeling!! I just hope we stick with Moyes.

@snazzy_smounts: 3 goals from 3 defensive howlers, manifesting in poor marking and terrible defensive shape, in 11 minutes. Must be improved next game

@GarethOrd: So is that £8m of our spending down the drain with Djilobodji then is it...O Shea in again is it

@TMALBRGHTN: 10 seasons in the Premier League and thats what @SunderlandAFC are still serving up. Absolute disgrace that is

@AndrewLonsdale7: Someone tell me a worse centre half we have had in the last 10 year than Djilobodji

@Nige_1969: Since we last played them #efc we’ve gone right downhill. #safc need at least a big target man, otherwise we are doomed.

@Nerf_Herder1980: How many times we going to hear we need points not excuses or time to get it right etc.? Sick of excuses year after year

@DavidWright1802: That was garbage. It’s going to be another long and depressing season.

@SixInARow2015: Wake me up when September ends

@Petermckenzie73: football doesn’t matter when you see that little boy #BradleysFight and we got some nice new seats - so that’s good!

@ncrowe16: If we’re going to be so hopelessly outclassed, I’d rather we play our own youth players to Chelsea rejects like Djilobodji

@Reece_Benson: That was just brilliant. I wish I could relive that

@Safc1879_: A bench with 4/5 defensive minded players and a keeper tells you all you need to know about our squad. Shambles

@phil_browell: That 2nd half & in particular the defending for the goals was some of the worst I’ve ever seen

@jeffrir: One wrong sub spoilt the whole game for #SAFC. Getting #Gooch off instead of #watmore

@josh_fielden: Only positive from tonight was hopefully #BradleysFight got the recognition and attention it deserves.

@Sinc90: Very confused with Moyes’ set up at #safc. No goal threat other than Defoe. Januzaj tries to do too much, Watmore no nous in the final third

@RitaFluid: Gotta feel for Kone. He must be wondering what he’s done to deserve this