Star Wars or sea burial: the rise of bespoke funerals

It's easier than ever to personalise your loved one's funeral, says funeral director John Hogg.

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Monday, 18th June 2018, 2:25 pm
Burial at sea is an increasingly popular choice, says one local funeral director

Whether it’s sailing from Tynemouth for a burial at sea or having a procession of Storm Troopers march alongside the coffin, more and more of us are choosing an individualised funeral service.

It may seem surprising but the trend for personalised funerals is increasing, and the features can be as nuanced or all-encompassing as you like.

Places that are dear to your loved one's heart can form the backdrop to a very personal funeral

“It is a way to celebrate the life of the person who has died,” says Sunderland-based funeral director John Hogg.“Playing special pieces of music to reflect the person’s personality or requesting mourners attend the funeral in different coloured attire, such as Sunderland AFC football shirts, celebrates the joy of their life,” adds John.

Choosing distinctive readings and music is perhaps one of the easiest ways to personalise your loved one’s service. Readings don’t need to come from the bible, either. Instead they can be sourced from your loved one’s favourite poem, book, or even film quotes. Similarly, traditional hymns can be substituted for their most beloved songs.

Individualised funeral services can adapt almost any part of the service from flowers to photographs to mode of transportation.

The coffin in which your loved one is buried can also be personalised to reflect their life. If they were an avid sports fan, it is easy to arrange for their coffin to be draped in their favourite team’s flag. Or, if your relative was a passionate environmentalist, you can request a green coffin made from wicker or cardboard, which will not cause any harm to the environment.

Bespoke funeral services may also be a route into people planning ahead and discussing their future funeral openly with family, something which John firmly believes in.

“Talking to your loved ones about death is still a taboo subject, but I think that that has to change,” John says.

Making arrangements for this difficult time now can give your family peace of mind further down the line.

“Planning ahead for a funeral or investing in a prepaid plan means loved ones are spared the extra stress and burden of paying for and organising a funeral,” he adds.

So, whether it’s including disco music or requesting that guests dress up like classic film stars, you can personalise your own or a loved one’s service for a bespoke celebration of life.

When planning or adding individualised funeral service features, it is important to use a funeral director you trust, so that you can be confident you will be getting professional, personalised service.

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