Stacey Flounders tells court her and Adam Johnson will remain 'just friends'

Adam Johnson's ex girlfriend cried in the witness box about the footballer's infidelities and told the court that they were "just going to remain friends".

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25 February, 2016, 09:33
Stacey Flounders. Picture by PA.

Stacey Flounders appeared as a defence witness at Johnson's child sex offence trial in Bradford today.

Miss Flounders, the mother of Johnson's daughter, told jurors that she "didn't see a future" with the 28-year-old at the moment.

He has already admitted charges of grooming and kissing a girl under 16, but stands accused of two counts of sexual activity with a child.

The pair started dating in 2011, and moved in to their Castle Eden home in 2013.

Miss Flounders told the court that on the day of Johnson's arrest, he came and confessed that he had kissed the girl, met her twice and had been texting other women.

Stacey Flounders. Picture by PA.

At the time, she confirmed that she remained in a relationship with him.

"Because he was honest with me, and I knew he was telling the truth," Miss Flounders said.

"I had just had a daughter and I wanted to be a family."

She added: "[I said] that he was stupid and asked why he did it."

Stacey Flounders and Adam Johnson. Picture by PA.

Miss Flounders was asked by the prosecution when Johnson told her that the girl was 15.

She confirmed to jurors that it was a "couple of days" after his arrest.

In the evidence of DI Kimberly Walton last week, the court heard that Johnson said "she told me she was 16" as officers led him away from his home.

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In interview, he admitted instantly to police that he knew she was 15.

Stacey Flounders. Picture by PA.

The court also heard that the couple had had a discussion about whether or not Johnson was cheating in 2014 - when Miss Flounders was carrying his child.

When asked how many women Johnson told her about following arrest, she said "quite a few" and sobbed.

Jurors were told that Miss Flounders, who was 21 when she met the ex SAFC winger, was aware of who the girl was and had some exchanges with her on social media.

When cross-examined by Kate Blackwell QC, the mum-of-one admitted that she did not know the extent of some of the messages Johnson had sent to the girl, did not know he had set up a separate Snapchat account and did not know he had asked for naked pictures of the girl.

She agreed with the prosecutor that she felt "uncomfortable" driving the Range Rover, which the offences are said to have taken place in.

The girl and Johnson met in this Range Rover both times, and the trial has heard that footballer later gave this car to his girlfriend as he then drove a Porsche.

Miss Flounders was also asked questions on Johnson's body hair.

She said he didn't shave his pubic area, but did trim it with scissors. She never saw him use a razor, and never saw it shaved in their relationship.

She confirmed he shaved his chest area to his waist in the summer, and trimmed his underarm hair.

The court also heard that Miss Flounders' mother gave an interview to a national newspaper on Johnson's arrest, saying that he was "100% innocent" and that he was a "lovely lad".

Miss Flounders told the court that her mother was just likely giving her opinion of what she thought of Adam, and that she had not spoken to her yet.

She also said that it was in September last year that Johnson told her he was going to plead guilty to kissing the young fan.

He formally entered this plea on February 10, on the day the trial was due to start.

The case continues.