Snowmageddon isn't on the way, no matter what the front pages say

Reports of a snowmageddon on the way may be slightly exaggerated.
This weather won't be happening anytime soonThis weather won't be happening anytime soon
This weather won't be happening anytime soon

Several tabloid newspapers have predicted that a big chill is imminent with headlines predicting plunging temperatures and chilly winds.

The predictions are based on information gained from James Madden at online weather experts Exacta Weather.

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However, Exacta have issued a statement clarifying their forecast for people who “CAN'T or WON'T 'read'” what has been reported on their behalf.

A post on their Facebook page quotes their original forecast, but with the pieces they regard as being exaggerated capitalised: “As temperatures start to nudge freezing the ODD WINTRY FLURRY over HIGH GROUND in the NORTH is not out of the question.

“A more unsettled spell of weather later in the week will coincide with some chilly easterly and north-easterly winds POTENTIALLY bringing WINTRY SHOWERS across HIGHER GROUND in parts of the NORTH at times this WEEKEND and into NEXT WEEK.”

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Exacta also point out that any wintry weather this week is unlikely to last: “The good news is it is likely to be a BRIEF chilly interlude with Britain’s weather likely to WARM up again later this month.

“A very topsy-turvy weather pattern will see a tussle between COOLER and WARMER weather taking place across our shores throughout the remainder of this MONTH.”