Showers and cooler days forecast as spring scorcher peters out in the North East

Cooler temperatures and cloudier days are forecast to bring an end to the spring scorcher.
Picture care of PixabayPicture care of Pixabay
Picture care of Pixabay

After basking in sunshine and temperatures in the 20s over the Bank Holiday, the coming weekend looks set to be a damper, cooler affair.

The Met Office forecasts clouds to move in from the west later today, with outbreaks of rain developing through the afternoon and evening. The temperature isn't expected to exceed 15C today.

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Tonight is forecast for outbreaks of rain and temperatures as low as 2C, though it is expected to dry up by morning.

The clouds are forecast to thin during Thursday morning, with sunny spells - though perhaps the odd heavy shower - and mostly sunny and dry with light winds and maximum temperatures of 13C.

The Met Office is predicting cooler, damper conditions at the weekend. The outlook for Friday is for dry weather at first, but breezy conditions and rain later on. Saturday is forecast to be cloudy with some rain at first, then sunshine and showers later.

Sunshine and showers are expected on Sunday.