Seven things you should know about Yorkshire Pudding Day

The first Sunday in February is the official Yorkshire Pudding Day. To celebrate, here are some fascinating facts about the county's trademark dish.
A Sunday dinner isn't complete without Yorkshire puddings.A Sunday dinner isn't complete without Yorkshire puddings.
A Sunday dinner isn't complete without Yorkshire puddings.

1. Aunt Bessie's is the most famous manufacturer of Yorkshire puddings, and it churns out 20 million every week. The company was founded in Hull back in 1851, and its first Yorkshire pudding contract wasn't until 1974, when they supplied Butlin's holiday camps.

2. The largest pudding ever made has an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was cooked up in Skipton by members of the town's Round Table back in 1996, and measured over 46 metres - enough to overtake the previous record set in 1975.

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3. Every month, around 110,000 people in the UK search the web for Yorkshire pudding recipes.

4. Yorkshire pudding-eating competitions are popular around the world, and championship records can be set. An expat bar in Thailand, The Pub in the tourist spot of Chiang Mai, even hosts its own.

5. TV chef Jamie Oliver's pudding recipes are the most popular, with nearly 14,000 Google searches a month. James Martin, Delia Smith and Mary Berry are also experts on the delicacy.

6. The first Yorkshire pudding recipe is thought to have appeared in a 1737 book for wives called 'The Whole Duty of a Woman.'

7. A London restaurant has an entire menu based around them. The Reform Social Grill offers six different savoury and sweet options.

* The research was conducted by hotel chain Premier Inn.