Seven things readers said about hospital's ParkingEye cameras not having planning permission

Motorists in South Tyneside are seeing red up after learning a parking company's CCTV cameras didn't have planning permission.
South Tyneside District Hospital Parking Eye car parking systemSouth Tyneside District Hospital Parking Eye car parking system
South Tyneside District Hospital Parking Eye car parking system

Parking Eye, which runs South Tyneside District Hospital’s car park in South Shields, never had planning approval from South Tyneside council to install it’s cameras, signs and cash meters.

In July the company had to apply for a retrospective planning application, which was granted, almost three years since the devices were installed.

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The company uses a numberplate recognition system to fine drivers who have not bought a ticket correctly or stayed within the grounds for too long.

Many Gazette readers now believe they should have their fines reimbursed - as ParkingEye fined them while not having the correct permission.

Anth Davidson wrote: “I have had two fines first one was because my daughter had been rushed in and the second one I bought a ticket and got one digit of my plate wrong, they wouldn’t accept either excuse and now this! I want my money.”

Heather Ditchburn Curry sent: “All tickets should be cancelled, money refunded to those who paid them , and cameras removed ! It’s a disgrace having to pay to park when you’re ill , or visiting someone who is.”

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Wanda Stockdale said: “ParkingEye are an absolute nightmare, I have a blue badge and have been fined as well ‘because I hadn’t registered my blue badge with them therefore I wasn’t entitled to park for free’ I fought it and won, eventually.”

Sonia Morton typed: “Don’t talk to me about this. I’ve just send my second email off as you can see I paid my money but didn’t receive a ticket. They are saying I didn’t pay and calling me a liar.”

Stephen Wilson quipped: “It’s a joke. I was picking up my partner’s grandad who had cancer and was waiting in the ‘drop off/pick up’ zone. Got a 70 quid fine because I was 16 minutes and you only get 15.”

Major Todd sent: “It is disgraceful that people having to go to hospital are being charged at all, especially the elderly and disabled who need to have a car to get there. Eighteen months ago my wife was admitted into hospital as an emergency. I put the required parking fee into the machine and it malfunctioned and did not print the correct vehicle reg. Sure enough I got an invoice from Parking Eye stating I hadn’t paid, fortunately I had kept the ticket

Tracy Crow suggested: “Why don’t they make more parking at the hospital, there is loads of ‘greenery’ which as nice as it looks, I’d rather be able to park there.”