Semi-final ticket hope for desperate South Shields FC fans

Desperate Mariners fans may have an answer to their prayers as their team gears up for cup glory.
South Shields FC fans are desperate for more tickets to be released.South Shields FC fans are desperate for more tickets to be released.
South Shields FC fans are desperate for more tickets to be released.

South Shields FC supporters have been left struggling to get tickets, as only 300 were allocated for the FA Vase semi-final’s away leg against Coleshill Town on Saturday, March 11.

However, bosses at Coleshill have revealed they may have some extra tickets for The Mariners to help pack out their 2,100 capacity ground.

But a final decision won’t be revealed until next week.

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Coleshill’s chairman, Paul Billing, said: “Everyone is really looking forward to the match, but I think down here there’s a lot more apathy when it comes to football, they’re not quite as passionate as they are up there in North East.

“I think people think ‘oh we’ll just get a ticket at some point and go along to the match’ where as up north they sell out instantly, everyone wants one.

“So we’ve been jollying people along to buy them on our social media accounts, but a decision will be made next Tuesday night to release any unsold tickets to the South Shields fans.

“We want a packed-out stadium, we don’t want people who are desperate to come along missing out and we’d be happy to give them to the Shields fans.”

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Mr Billing said the only issue they may face with releasing extra tickets to The Mariners would be down to segregation rules from Warwickshire Police.

The club currently allows fans to mix and if they were forced to separate supporters due to increased number of away fans then this wouldn’t be possible.

He said: “Our grounds are quite rural so we’re always in contact with the police explaining how many people are expected, how many cars will be arriving.

“We don’t envisage any problems with supporters, we never have any bother, and we aren’t expecting any from the Shields fans.

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“But if the police state that they have to be separated then we just wouldn;t be able to do it.

“So we’re hoping that’s not going to be the case then all of the tickets can be snapped up.”

Mr Billing says his team and supporters are also looking forward to travelling to Mariners Park on Saturday, March 18.

He said: “They’re both going to be great days, we’re hoping for a proper party feel and a carnival atmosphere.

“It’s such an exciting time for both teams, we can’t wait.”

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The winner of the two-legged tie will face Bromsgrove or Cleethorpes at Wembley.

Ticket prices for Shields’ home game are £8 for adults, £6 for students and over-65s and £4 for under-16s. They’re available from Mariners Park or by calling 454 7800.