Scouting, strategy and wasting money: 11 things you said about Martin Bain's revamped transfer structure

Sunderland fans have been having their say on what the club should be looking at doing with their transfer strategy in the summer after Martin Bain revamped the structure.

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 1:00 pm
Martin Bain

We ran an article earlier this week in which Phil Smith took a look at Sunderland’s recruitment and what they will need in the summer under the new structure put in place by chief executive Bain.

Echo readers have been reacting to the piece with suggestions and comments on what the club needs to put in place to ensure their transfer business is a success.

Below is a selection of comments.

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1: Difference between Preston and Sunderland we need to poach their scouts. If we have scouting at the Sol it must be some of the worst around at the moment in the football league. A good scouting system is a must for Sunderland this summer – Gavin Shaw

2: When Bain arrived at SOL he said it was his job to improve the squad.Based on what we have seen this season he should be sacked immediately – Alan Hutton

3: Over the years SAFC have tried (and failed) with most transfer systems,we have tried loan signings (good ones not signed) and not good enough ones. We have tried plucking the “best” from lower leagues, we have tried the Irish leagues (anyone remember Tommy Lynch?), and have at least tried on occasion to spend some half decent cash on players. We have even tried our academy player’s in which just 2 out of hundreds have been good enough (then sold) I don’t honestly know the answer, I can only pray for new investment from a owner who knows what they are doing – Pat Wisbach

4: Spend spend spend is not the answer– if we had a half decent set of players with some loyalty to the club you would not have to keep replacing them. All the money that has been wasted on overpaid and overpriced players and staff you would not be £100 million in debt – Alan Goldman

5: Scouts need to be recruited who have an eye for a player. They need to clear the whole scouting system out. Who was the last decent player to arrive at Sunderland? – Joe Graham

6: David Moyes brought a ‘scout’ to SAFC, and we got Djilibodji and NDong – both enormously overpriced and unable to show their ‘skills’ here. Simon Grayson was supposedly hired as he knew the Championship. All the above are now elsewhere, some at least still being partly paid by SAFC. Meantime we have Short and Bain still at the club – Ant Potter

7: If Watmore could avoid any further injury to his knee he could well make a difference but not enough to alter our position drastically as the rest, apart from Asoro, would not be able to keep up with him. McNair is another one paced plodder who would have made no difference at all – Stuart Lathan

8: Decent article but Bain’s department will not be successful while Bain is in place. He has been responsible for much of the poor Mannone and Gibson. The club needs 10/12 new players in the summer where will they come from is the question that needs an answer – Mordey St

9: Short has run us this year like a League One club – next year will be even worse if he still holds the reins! Coleman must be kept ‘ if possible’ and Short must go. Administration is going to happen if a buyer isn’t found shortly! But the club is in that much of a mess financially that buyers are maybe waiting for administration! The worst possible thing for Safc is the Short ownership will continue! – Jimmy Fisher

10: Martin Bain’s revamped department won’t deliver two key qualities full stop. Either in transfers or anything else – Danny Hogan

11: It doesn’t matter who plays, doesn’t anyone get it, the situation is dire and will remain so until a manager, any manager with the guts to manage this club is given the resources to A) get rid of the rubbish and B) recruit suitable replacements, it doesn’t matter if McGeady or Theresa May plays it’s done! – Artistinresidence