Scott Pritchard murder: Son's tragic death tore apart family

The family of Scott Pritchard always vowed they would not rest until they got justice.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 1:32 pm
Updated Monday, 1st October 2018, 1:37 pm
Scott Pritchard had spent the day with friends on the day of his murder.

His mum Kathleen Pritchard has made a series of pleas for people to come to come forward with information since the night her son’s life was cruelly cut short.

Today, many of Scott’s family were in court to see Karen Tunmore jailed for life over his murder.The search for his killer became one of Sunderland’s biggest police investigations.His mother has remained in the Lindsay Close home she shared with her 19-year-old lad and has said she could never move because it keeps her close to him.

Scott Pritchard had spent the day with friends on the day of his murder.

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“They’re nothing but cowards.

“I couldn’t move from here, I need to live here because I feel closer to him in this place.

“But one thing is for sure, I won’t rest until I get justice.”

Scott Pritchard's father Fred Stacey pictured outside Newcastle Crown Court after no evidence was offered against him. He had been charged with murder after the death of his son.

Scott’s father Robert Frederick Stacey, known as Fred and from nearby Dearness Road, was one of the last people to speak to their son.

Today police say his case was built around “circumstance” and that the suspicion which cast a shadow over him in the years since has continued to have an impact on his life and health.

Kathleen too has in the past been open about the depression she has lived with since that tragic night.

Scott Pritchard's mum Kathleen, pictured in 2013.

Questions over who killed Scott and why were answered to them earlier this summer, when Karen Tunmore made her confession.

Still, the heartache and the search for her accomplice goes on.

Detective Chief Inspector John Bent told the Echo he has been in contact with both parents following the latest developments.

He said: “Scott was very much loved by his family and he had his whole life ahead of him.

Scott Pritchard was much-loved by his family.

“It’s obviously devastating for his family.

“It’s torn the family apart and they’ve lived with that for 14 years, the death of their son, that’s very very difficult to deal with.

“But my only thought would be that one benefit of Tunmore coming in now, so long after the event with her grief and her guilt, is at least is that after so may years, there will be some closure in some respects for the family.

“But as well as that, case not closed for us, as we’re still really keen to trace the individual that she says she was with at the time and drove her to the location.”

He added: “His dad has had an awful life, with suspicion on him as a result of being involved in the inquiry and he’s had a tragic life as a result and that has played on his health.

“It must have been a massive shock to them and what they have been put through is very sad.”

Scott Pritchard in the back yard of the home he shared in Lindsay Close, Hendon, with his mum and siblings.