Sad to hear of Pullman loss

I am proud to have been born in Sunderland, yet I feel so sad to hear of the Pullman Lodge going into liquidation once again.

I know beyond doubt this is because there is not enough to attract people to visit our beautiful coastline at Seaburn. South Shields puts us to shame.

You can have a truly exciting day out up the road at Shields, friendly parks, show rides, places of interest to visit.

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We have one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world yet we have nothing to draw in the crowds. Not even adequate toilets.

If it is because the Pullmna is unable to pay its rates, then why can’t this wonderful and special landmark be given rent and rate free honours, or if this is against council’s consent then why don’t we vote for a National Lottery grant to keep this very brave man, Seamus Whelan, on track.

I’m sure keeping our Pullman open will bring visitors to our shore, but we need to do much, much more to bring enough visitors to outnumber the seagulls in our great but fun-starved city.

If we can save this lovely, nostalgic piece of our history, may I suggest to Mr Whelan, why not hold wedding ceremonies and receptions there to really boost your funds and keep its publicity at the high level it richly deserves?

Jimmy Chambers