Roadworks round-up: Where to expect delays around Sunderland on Monday, March 19

Ongoing and upcoming roadworks in the Sunderland area include the following:
Roadworks Round-Up.Roadworks Round-Up.
Roadworks Round-Up.

Nissan Interchange: Lane closures/bridge works, until April 11.

Coaley Lane/Blind Lane: Four-way temporary traffic signals/roundabout construction, until March 24.

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Cherry Blossom Way: Road closure/Major highway works, scheduled to end August 1.

North Bridge Street/Dame Dorothy Street: Various lane closures/major highway improvement work, until December 31.

Springwell Road: Temporary traffic signals for sewer works, until March 23.

Dunelm Road: Temporary traffic lights/sewer works, until March 28.

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Mill House Roundabout: Lane closures/resurfacting by Gateshead, April 9-13.

A19 from A690 to A183, Northbound only: Road closure, resurfacing works, May 8-31, 8am to 6pm.

Mount Lane: Road closure/drainage works, March 19 to April 15.

North Bridge Street: Lane closure northbound lane 1/major highway improvement works, until April 5.

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Market Street: Temporary traffic signals/gas works, until June 3.

Tunstall Vale: Temporary traffic signals/water works, until June 3.

Houghton Road: Temporary traffic signals for utility works, until March 29.

Philadelphia Lane/Millers Hill: Road closure for essential resurfacing works, March 25.

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Timber Beach Road: Temporary traffic signals for major highway works, until April 8.

Park Avenue: Temporary traffic signals for gas mains replacement, until March 22.

Fallowfield Way: Temporary traffic signals for duct installation, until March 23.

Dunlin Drive: Three way temporary traffic signals for manhole repairs, until March 20.

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Washington Road: Temporary traffic signals for highway works, until March 21.

Washington Highway on Charterheugh Bridge: Temporary traffic signalls for bridge inspection, until March 22.