Raspberry ruffles and chewy mints - you all loved a Woolies pick n mix

Sweet-toothed Echo readers responded in style when we asked for memories of the Woolworths store.

Thursday, 22nd December 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:12 pm
The Woolworths photograph which sparked the interest.
The Woolworths photograph which sparked the interest.

Many of you miss the Fawcett Street branch in Sunderland especially the pick n mix section.

And when we posted a photograph on social media to ask for your memories, 57,000 of you spotted the post.

Shoppers outside the Woolworths John Street entrance in 1963.

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Scores of you shared your memories including Elsa Graham who commented: “Omg worked there loved it really good memories especially xmas parties used to fill the pick n mix up.”

Pat Johnson was another Woolworths employee but this time at the Pennywell branch and shared this memory.

“When I was 15 I worked on the biscuit counter at Pennywells Woolies.loved it.”

Pauline Cafferkey said: “I served on the sweet counter before pick n mix. I used to give the old folks extra cos I felt sorry for them!”

Shoppers outside the Woolworths John Street entrance in 1963.

Brenda Snowdon was another one who worked in the sweet department and said “had some good times.”

And so did Sarah Hill who said: “I used to serve the sweeties but that would have been early 70’s.”

Alison Lewis shared her memories. “My first Saturday job on the sweet and ice-cream counter around 1970.”

While Lucy Potts loved them so much, she said: “remember eating half before we got to the check out.”

Joan Marghani was another admirer. “Every saturdaywith my pocket money straight for the pic n mix section.”

And Michaela Laverick commented: “Eee a really remember this mam u & me nana used to take me in all the time.”

Others to comment included;

Valerie Coombs: “Yes. Great times. Alison filling her chocolate up.”

Daphne Weatherill: “I loved the pick and mix biscuits upstairs in Woolies back in the sixties.”

Christine Peach: “Omg I worked on the till on sweets x.”

Margaret Prescott: “I worked there a long time ago.x”

Lou Lloyd: “Loved it in here as a kid...”

Marie Nixon: “Heaven.”

Some of you had your own pick n mix favourites such as Tanya Beach.

Tanya said: “The strawberry ones!!! We’re lovely!!”

Dorothy Williamson: “Raspberry ruffles such a treat.”

Helen Smith remembered which were her favourite sweets and said: “Mam used to get us them chewy mints in the white green n red wrappers x”

But most of you just wanted a return of the store.

Tracey Collins: “Bring theses back please.”

Lisa Wright: “Woolworths is such a big miss.”

Kim Moore: “Aww loved woolies!!.....still miss it!!!!!”

Michael Gormley had a different reason to reminisce and said: “Miss buying me vinyl records from woolies.”

Irene Corner told us: “I loved working at Woolies xx”

And your memories just kept pouring in. Here are some more.

Marie Harper: “I remember this best childhood memories ever xx”

Ann Binks: “Bring Woolworths back at Sunderland town center.”

Catherine Kilbride: “Wow fond memories!”

Janice Butler: “Brings back memories.”

Ryan Wall: “this used to be the place dreams were made.”

Denise Spoors: “Loved woolies x”

Jean Corner: “loved this shop wish it was still open.”

John Routledge: “Wish woolies were still around.”

Julie Holmes Parr: “Best days ever !!”

Mary Ellen Davison Smith: “I used to work in woolies as a cashier 1968.”

Lisa M Wilkinson: “loved the pic n mix.”

Pamela Slater Our favourite haunt Karen ! X Steven Harvey

Valerie Dawson: “Used to love Woolies. Such a great shop. Xx”

Lynn Jessica: “Aww my first saturday job.”

Lynda Richardson: “I remember it well.”

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on a city centre favourite.

Keep the memories coming. Email [email protected]