Pull together and be proud

The whole of the city must have read the New York Times article.

Wednesday, 6th July 2016, 8:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th July 2016, 9:37 am

Some of us have ignored it “Why should I care”, some of us have laughed at it thinking it is the most accurate article they have read about the city and others have wanted to grab their pitchforks and protect our city.

In truth, we should all care. No matter what group you fall into.

The people who say they don’t care are the ones who have not been listened to for years, most likely voted to Leave the EU because of just that reason.

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Well, they have been listened to now.

New York wants a piece of you. Now it’s your turn to speak.

The people who believe this article is spot on, need to pick their game up and be aggrieved at this.

They’ve accepted mediocrity for too long. We know Sunderland isn’t a heart racing metropolis but if you’re laughing then you need to be part of the solution.

Can’t laugh at a clown and not pay the man.

That final group of people who want to fight this article – calm down.

You cannot take The Big Apple on by yourselves.

We need to get everyone together and show our unwavering class.

How do we do this?

We have a huge event coming to the city, something that we must support and that is Sunderland’s 2021 bid.

By help out I don’t mean ‘Mary’ from Hendon to start sweeping the streets and ‘Brian’ from Ford Estate to start clipping people’s hedges. Just don’t to be so pessimistic about things, we need to show our humour and our spirit when things we know we can do arise.

This city needs to patch itself up.

The EU referendum has left us divided, confused and totally deflated.

Sunderland’s 2021 Capital of Culture bid, we could win it ya nar!

But if we don’t, at least some wounds can be healed during the time from now and then.

Let’s just have some fun, smile and that.

Liam Angus