Public must be heard

This vote has to be the day that the British people regained their pride and reinstated the fact that the ordinary, everyday person can have a say in the future of this country, regardless of self-seeking politicians who put party before the wishes of the people who put them in Parliament.

Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 8:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 9:58 am

I speak of the New Labour MPs who campaigned for the remain camp despite the wishes of their constituents and if there is a vote to overturn this democratic result they will disregard the will of the public.

Given the fact that the overwhelming number of MPs want the Gravy Train that is the EU to continue, do not be surprised to hear that Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and their ilk will want a re-vote and Ms Phillipson and Ms Elliot will back them.

I honestly think that Jeremy Corbyn is a decent man with the good of the public foremost in his mind.

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He needs to get rid of the New Labour MPs put in place by Mr Blair and return to the working class MPs we had, like Manny Shinwell.

We would go back to the Labour and Socialist party.

The Labour MPs want rid of him because he believes in the will of the people, unfortunately, for them he was elected by the rank and file ordinary man.

What these MPs forget is that is democracy, the same as this vote to leave the EU is democracy and is the will of the people who put them into Westminster and pay their wages.

Richy Mackem