Prins, Joyce on fire at the top of Seaham's Knack Premier League

The 15th week of Knack Premier League action was nothing short of sensational.

Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 2:00 pm
Neil Richardson moved off the bottom of the table for the first time this season with his victory
Neil Richardson moved off the bottom of the table for the first time this season with his victory

Both league leader Dave Prins and second-placed Ryan Joyce remain unbeaten, with both players in outstanding form.

Prins romped home 5-1 against Richard Selby with two maximums, at 140 checkout, a brilliant 12-darter and a match average of 30.18 per dart.

Next up, Prins thumped Rob McCluskey by the same score, with two more 180s and a best leg of 13 darts, averaging 30.44.

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Joyce shrugged off a valiant display from Dan Gillibrand to win 5-2 with three maximums, a 108 checkout and leg wins in 11, 12 and 13 darts. Gillibrand hit a 109 checkout. Joyce then brilliantly reeled off five straight legs to sink Eddie Ashman in 82 darts, with a 30.55 average.

Graeme Mullen beat Philly Dunn 5-2 and Alan Smith 5-2, helped by a 14-darter, but then lost 5-1 to Richard Selby, who had a 180 and a 129 checkout.

Dougie Hall had a mixed night, losing 5-2 to Will Neave but battling to sink Anth Skelton 5-3 with a brace of 19-darters. Skelton hit a maximum and a 116 checkout.

Skelton salvaged a 4-4 draw against Spiller Henderson from 4-1 down, with three maximums in as many legs. Paul Williams also trailed 4-1 to Henderson but a 15-darter helped him draw.

Will Neave crushed Barry Rutherford 5-1 then drew 4-4 with Andrew Ambler, who had two 180s. Ambler also lost 5-3 to Neil Mather, who had a maximum and a 17-dart leg. Mather succumbed 5-2 to Dan Gillibrand.

Davey Thompson drew 4-4 with Graham Hills, helped by a 180 and a 16-darter, then drew with Eddie Ashman before beating Geordie Morton 5-1.

Lee Walton was beaten 5-0 by Paul Williams, who had a 15-darter and a 28.80 average, but recovered to beat Graham Hills with a 15-darter. Hills was beaten 5-3 by Philly Dunn, who had a 180 and a 16-darter.

John Allan led 3-1 with a 180 and a 15-darter before losing 5-3 to Matthew Hodgson, who then drew with David Brown. Brown hit a 180 in a 5-2 loss to Geordie Morton, who had an 18-darter, while John Allan pulled off a shock 5-3 success against Paul McGowan, with another 180.

McGowan also lost 5-3 to fellow Tyne and Wear player Rob McCluskey in a thriller, after leading 2-0. McGowan had two 180s, but McCluskey rallied well to seal victory with a 15-darter.

Neil Richardson lost a 3-1 lead in a 5-3 defeat to Neil Rose, who had a 14-darter. Richardson then deservedly beat Barry Rutherford 5-2 to climb off the bottom of the table, while Neil Rose, with a maximum, and Alan Smith, with a 113 checkout, drew 4-4.