Primary Care Units work so leave them alone

I see there is to be a march in Sunderland in support of a People's Vote attended by MP Sourbry.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 10:24 am
Updated Thursday, 4th October 2018, 10:28 am

What can be more dishonest than the laughably-named People’s Vote campaign?

These people pretend a second referendum is in the nation’s interests when it only serves their own interests.

To get their way they would risk the destruction of any trust in democracy.

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This campaign is being driven by people deluded about their chances of victory.

Almost all Leavers would vote the same way, alongside many ex-remainers who know the first vote must be honoured and now see the EU for what it truly is, especially after their disrespectful treatment of the UK recently.

Even if Remain won, why should anyone respect their victory?

The fury at an EU which bullied us into a rerun would never subside. Nor would the rage at Remain diehards who colluded with Brussels to bring it about.

MP Soubry, a senior Remain player, was one of the most vocal that argued that Brexit was too big an issue for ordinary people and that Parliament should be given a major role in Brexit.

Now she argues there should be a People’s Vote.

This exposes the total dishonesty of the campaign. She and her fellow Remainers see this as the only chance they have to halt Brexit and give a huge slap in the face of the majority that vote leave.

We have had a people vote and the people voted leave. These sour loses should respect that democratic decision.

Alan Wright