Prepaid funerals ease financial burden, says firm

An award-winning funeral director is encouraging people to plan their own service now, as funeral costs continue to increase

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Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 11:54 am
Funeral costs will soar in the coming years, an award-winning funeral director has warned.

Funeral costs will soar in the coming years, an award-winning funeral director has warned.

John G Hogg, who runs the family-owned John G Hogg Funeral Directors across three sites in Sunderland, says the cost of a burial or cremation could top £15,000 within ten years.

He said: “This is a major concern, both for families and for funeral directors.

“I’ve been privileged to be doing this work for over 30 years, but in the past two or three years I have definitely witnessed more and more people struggling to pay for a relative’s funeral.

“This problem is only going to get worse because in ten years’ time, it is estimated that a funeral will cost £15,000.”

The news could mean added heartache for families who are already struggling to find the money to pay for funerals for their relatives.

According to the Royal London Cost of Funeral Index 2017, funeral poverty is at a record high of more than £160 million.

The statistics show more than one in six people struggle with the cost of a funeral which is now around £3700.

Earlier this year, the National Association of Funeral Directors expressed concern after some cash-strapped councils and local authorities increased burial and cremation charges, further adding to the cost.

Now, Mr Hogg is urging more people to invest in a prepaid plan which safeguards the price of a funeral package and protects grieving loved ones from financial strain.

He said: “Talking to your loved ones about death is still a taboo subject, but I think that that has to change.”

As costs continue to rise, Mr Hogg believes it’s time to move past this taboo and inform relatives about funeral plans that are in place.

Latest figures show at least 650,000 UK residents already have a prepaid funeral plan in place.

“Planning ahead financially for a funeral or investing in a prepaid plan means loved ones are spared the extra stress and burden of paying for and organising a funeral. Telling your relatives that you have a plan in place will be a huge comfort to them, both now and in the future.

“Regardless of whether funeral costs go up in the future, neither you nor your loved ones will pay a penny more.

“We offer a range of prepaid plans to suit all wishes and budgets. We specialise in tailored funeral plans, which suit your individual requirements.”

John G Hogg Funeral Directors is an award-winning family-run undertaking business based in Sunderland. It offers a range of funeral products and services, prepaid funeral plans and 24-hour support and advice.

The business has received several awards for its funeral services including Golden Charter’s Regional Funeral Planner of the Year. It prides itself on the quality of the tailored, trusted and personal service it has offers the Sunderland community for the past 30 years.

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