Praise for Sunderland Town Park plans - but fears it will fall victim to vandals and seagulls

The impressive new look for Sunderland's Town Park have got the thumbs up - though there are fears it could fall victim to vandals, seagulls and cuts.

Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 12:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 12:57 pm
How Town Park could look

The council has been awarded a total of £1.9million to improve the area around Sunderland Minster, most of which would be used on building restoration and enhancement projects.

The plans for the park attracted scores of comments on our Facebook page.

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Christine Murphy said: "Looks lovely to sit and have a sandwich.

"I've all ways hoped that they would do something with the circled garden the old green terrace the gate posts are still there but that is all have great memories of planting bulbs in there in the springtime from green terrace school should also retain some history."

David Wilkinson said: "Looks like a nice place to sit and relax. Hope the seagulls stay away."

Pete Bogg said: "Looks great - what a fantastic upgrade on the current state."

There were comments that the money should be spent on other areas, but others pointed out the improvements would be paid for from Heritage Lottery Fund cash which was specifically for such projects.

Colin Collinson said: "No council money going into this well spent, looks GREAT."

Claire Robson said: "They should be trying to attract businesses... no point having a lovely area to visit with a rubbish town full of charity shops (no offence) and bookies x"

Phil Dorian replied: "That’s the whole point of the funding improving existing businesses, restoring historic buildings and attracting new business."

However, some readers were fearful the money would be wasted if the park was not properly secured, maintained and used.

Deb Pulling said: "They cant even keep Mowbray Park clean and tidy so how the hell are they going to maintain that."

Ethel Baldasara said: "Looks lovely if they keep t that way."

Margaret Francis said: "It looks great, but will it be left to rot like Roker Park. Lack of gardeners and left to idiots vandalising the place.

"These places must be maintained and serviced every day. Time will tell."

Chris Parry said: "Looks great but what about upkeep?

"Herrington Park is a fabulous open green space enjoyed by hundreds of families throughout the year but it’s maintenance has been cut to the bone because of council cuts."

There were also concerns about the £3million spent on creating nearby Keel Square, which some feel isn't used enough to justify the cash, and if the spending was justified on Town Park.

Peter Scott said: "What about all the money spent round the corner on Keel Square? It only gets used about twice a year."

Sandra MacDonald said: "Looks lovely, but I thought keel square was made for this purpose, sitting, eating, gathering? There is never anyone there, in my opinion it's a waste of space."