Poll: Would you back a second EU referendum if there's no deal on Brexit?

More than half of Britons would back a second referendum if the UK faced crashing out of the European Union without a trade deal, according to new research.
Would you back a second EU referendum?Would you back a second EU referendum?
Would you back a second EU referendum?

An online poll found that 57% of those who expressed a view would back a fresh public vote if the UK was set to leave the bloc and resort to World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, with 43% opposed. We'd like to know what our readers think - vote in our own poll below.

Overall, 42% of people questioned for the research backed a second referendum in a "no deal" scenario, 32% opposed a second vote and 26% said they did not know.

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The poll also found that 74% of Labour supporters who expressed an opinion backed a second vote if the UK faced WTO terms and tariffs.

The figure was 81% among supporters of the SNP and Liberal Democrats, but just 36% among Tories.

The overall 57% figure is a marginal increase on last month, when 54% backed a second vote if Theresa May fails to strike a deal with Brussels.

*The poll was carried out by BMG Research for the progressive Left Foot Forward website. BMG Research interviewed a representative sample of 1,513 UK adults online between January 9 and 12.