Sharon Hodgson MP presents petition to Parliament opposing gasification plant plans in Washington

Sharon Hodgson has opposed plans for the building of a gasification plant in Washington and has now presented a petition to Parliament.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 5:25 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 8:33 am
Sharon Hodgson, the Member of Parliament for Washington and Sunderland West, presented a petition to Parliament.

A hearing is set to take place next month to decide the future of a planned waste plant in Hillthorn Park, Washington, which has been dubbed a ‘monster incinerator’ by those protesting against it.

The plan for the plant is to convert thousands of tonnes of non-recyclable, non-hazardous waste using high temperatures in a process known as ‘gasification’.

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Protesters with MPs Sharon Hodgson and Andrew Gwynne in October 2018.

On Tuesday, January 21, Sharon Hodgson, the Member of Parliament for Washington and Sunderland West, presented a petition to Parliament signed by constituents who oppose the gasification plant.

The petition asks for the House of Commons to urge the Government to recognise the opposition and calls on the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to reject the planning application.

Around 10,800 people have signed petitions opposing the building plans since 2017. Concerns have been raised including issues regarding health and safety, the environment, congestion on roads and the affect if may have on nearby house prices as the gasification technology that will be used has not yet been decided.

The planning application was rejected in July 2019 by the Planning and Highways Committee. The applicants appeal to this is set to begin on Tuesday, February 18.

Sharon, who is in opposition against the building of the gasification plant said: “The planning application for the gasification plant is deeply controversial and has led to many of my constituents writing to me to express their concerns.

“That so many people have signed petitions over the last three years proves just how strongly the people of Washington and Sunderland West oppose the building of this plant.

“I share their concerns and I am also opposed to the building of this plant. That is why I am pleased to present this petition to Parliament today. I will continue to take actions to oppose the building of this plant.”