Readers have their say on MPs backing move to delay vote on Brexit deal

North East MPs backed delaying the vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and readers had a lot to say about the decision.
Readers have had their sayReaders have had their say
Readers have had their say

The amendment was intended to force him to comply with the so-called Benn Act requiring him to seek a Brexit extension but the Prime Minister said he will not negotiate a new Brexit delay with the EU despite losing the key vote.

Echo readers have had a lot to say about the decision.

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While some believe it is an “excellent" choice. Others aren’t so pleased.

Diane Nesbitt said: “They will only agree with what they want.”

Charlie Proud argued: “Any MP who has gone against the will of their constituents should or will be gone.”

Julie Avey said: “How much longer are they gonna drag this out? It was a vote to leave.”

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Rose Wharton added: “Disgraceful. They should abide by what the voters voted for and that was out.”

Julie Jeffries Kenny said: “No surprise there then.”

Derek Baker added: “I’m not shocked.”

Ian Spoors commented: “And so it goes on and on.”

John Monacle argued: “The people need to do something.”

Stephen Kennedy simply commented: “Good” while Keith Whalen and Declan Carlin commented: “Excellent.”

Amanda Ritson added: “Good. I trust my MP to do what’s in the best interests of the UK.”