Meet the candidates for Washington North for the Sunderland City Council election on May 5

More than 90 candidates have thrown their hat in the ring for this year’s (2022) round of local elections in Sunderland

By Chris Binding
Sunday, 1st May 2022, 4:26 pm

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With council elections just around the corner, we’re shining the spotlight on Sunderland’s candidates in the run-up to polling day.

Voters are due to head to polling stations on Thursday, May 5, to either re-elect or replace holders of around a third of seats on Sunderland City Council

All candidates have been given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why you should vote for them.

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Here’s what candidates in the Washington North ward have to say.

*Candidates are listed in the order they appeared on Sunderland City Council’s list of candidates at the close of nominations*

Scott Burrows (Green Party)

Is local democracy working for you? Do your current local councillors and council truly represent your best interests?

Local elections are due to be held on Thursday, May 5

Vote for me, Scott Burrows, and the Green Party in May for me to fight on your behalf for your local issues.

The Green Party believes in protecting our green spaces and greenbelt.

Supporting our local communities with their individual needs.

Promoting economic regeneration and supporting a fairer living wage in our city.

Scott Burrows, Green Party

With the current cost of living and climate crisis, we would invest in home insulation programmes, improve provisions for affordable and sustainable housing, improve recycling, increase allotment space, and create greener and cleaner streets.

I believe in a local council, run in the best interests of the residents, and held accountable for all its decisions.

Make your vote count! Vote for Scott Burrows in the upcoming local elections.

Jill Fletcher (Labour Party)

Jill Fletcher, Labour Party

The last two years have had a major impact on people in the area; volunteering at a local food bank in Sulgrave I have seen with my own eyes how much people in the ward are hurting.

While Sunderland City Council has done everything it can, the truth is that the money coming from the Tory government was not enough to support people who were furloughed and those who lost their jobs.

As a volunteer and as your local councillor, I will continue to fight for, not just those in the most need, but for every resident of Washington North.

Hilary Johnson (Conservative Party candidate)

I live in Washington and believe it deserves a stronger voice on the city council – but I also support the Conservative plans to give Washington its own Town Council.

Washington should not be fully run from Sunderland city centre – we should devolve local decision-making to the town.

Hilary Johnson, Conservative

We also need to invest more in repairing our roads and stopping trolleys being tipped across the area.

Only the local Conservatives have a plan that will deliver both.