Key moments from Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister as he tenders resignation to the Queen

Boris Johnson will today (Tuesday, September 6) officially resign as Prime Minister before Her Majesty the Queen at Balmoral.

He served more than three years as the UK’s PM – and his service came at the time of a global pandemic, a generation-defining exit from the European Union, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a crippling cost-of-living crisis.

As Mr Johnson entered his final days in office, we asked readers what they would remember most from his time in the top job.

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From the biggest vaccine campaign in NHS history to the Brexit withdrawal agreement, this is what they had to say.

Key moments from Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister

Dozens of readers cited the so-called ‘Partygate’ scandal and Sue Gray report into lockdown-breaking parties at No 10 Downing Street as defining moments of Mr Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister – and the point at which he lost the public’s trust.

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In April 2022, Mr Johnson was fined over a get-together held at Downing Street for his birthday in June 2020 and apologised to the public.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson made many visits to the North East during his time at No 10 - we asked voters across the region for their views on his tenure.

The senior civil servant detailed gatherings at which officials had sung karaoke, vomited due to their alcohol consumption and abused cleaning and security staff, who were carrying out key work.

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When the report was released in its entirety, Mr Johnson apologised for the scandal, saying he took “full responsibility” for what had happened on his watch.

Calls for his exit grew and after a wave of resignations, prompted by revelations over his hiring of Chris Pincher as Government Deputy Chief Whip, he confirmed in July that he would step down as Prime Minister after the Commons’ summer recess.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a visit to the region in January 2020. Here he's pictured with National Glass Centre Director Keith Merrin, left, and University of Sunderland Vice Chancellor Sir David Bell.
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While there was heavy criticism of Mr Johnson’s handling of the pandemic and initial response to Ms Gray’s investigation, some readers suggested that Mr Johnson had a “tough stint” at No 10.

Others praised him for the speed and success of the NHS’s Covid vaccine roll-out, which began in December 2020, and his response to “getting Brexit done”.

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Jill Strachan: “His amazing handling of Covid … so many people were given 80% of their salary. He’s made mistakes but he’s done a good job. That’s my opinion.”

Jackie Brannagan: “I think that although he made a few mistakes he got Brexit done, dealt with [the] Covid situation better [than the] EU and got us the vaccine, overall a canny job.”

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Mr Johnson pictured at the 2021 CBI annual conference, held at The Port of Tyne, South Shields.

David Andrews: “He got us out of the EU. None of the other MPs were going to do it. Did his job, now time to move over.”

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Judith Bissett: “He got the country vaccinated.”

Jim Rollie: “Having the toughest stint of any Prime Minister since WW2.”

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Graeme Wood: “He had to make choices that no PM has ever had to make, and to be honest I’m not saying his choices were good or bad but I doubt very much if any PM in that position could [have] done better than he did.”

Neil Hutchinson: “He was the right man for Brexit as [Theresa] May just caved in, but he was the wrong person for the pandemic. He was totally out of his depth.”

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson walks next to Tharsus CEO Brian Palmer during a November 2021 visit to their headquarters in Blyth. Picture: Getty Images.
On the campaign trail in Hartlepool with the town's current MP Jill Mortimer, right.