These are the Sunderland City Council 2022 local election results in full

These are the full results for the 2022 Sunderland City Council local elections.

By Nic Marko
Friday, 6th May 2022, 6:33 am

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The council’s overall make-up now stands at 41 Labour councillors, 18 Conservatives, 14 Liberal Democrats, with one independent.

The poll for the Copt Hill ward is being rearranged for a later date following the death of UKIP candidate Reginald Coulson.

The overall turnout for the Sunderland elections in 2022 was 33.6%.

The count in Sunderland.

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The first result of the night came in shortly after 11.30pm, with Labour holding the Silksworth ward, and a flurry of results followed.

Counting took place at the huge sports halls inside the Silksworth Community Pool, Tennis and Wellness Centre, and all results were in by 12.30pm.

You can find out which councillor won in your ward here:

Barnes – Conservative HOLD

Tim Ellis (Liberal Democrat) 264

Rachel Featherstone (Green Party) 212

Abul Bakkar Ehthesham Haque (Labour Party) 1,329

Antony Mullen (Conservative Party) 1,637

Turnout 41.9%

Castle – Labour HOLD

Paul James Anthony Burke (Conservative Party) 505

Allison Chisnall (Labour Party) 1,308

Alison Margaret Ogle (Green Party) 223

Turnout 25.2%

Doxford – Lib Dem GAIN

Richard Peter Bradley (Green Party) 115

Allen Curtis (Liberal Democrat) 1,511

Tom Cuthbertson (Conservative Party) 565

Steven Hansom (Labour and Co-operative Party) 851

Turnout 38.4%

Fulwell – Lib Dem GAIN

Malcolm John Bond (Liberal Democrat) 2,193

Sandra Boyers (Conservative Party) 1,254

Liam Dufferwiel (Green Party) 93

Iain William Kay (Labour and Co-operative Party) 648

Turnout 47.3%

Hendon – Labour HOLD

Syed Ajmol Ali (Conservative Party) 281

Helmut Izaks (Green Party) 104

Tom Livingstone (Liberal Democrat) 909

Michael Mordey (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,087

Turnout 29.3%

Hetton – Labour HOLD

Adelle Burnicle (Conservative Party) 339

David William Geddis (Independent) 991

John Anthony Lennox (Liberal Democrat) 168

Claire Marilyn Rowntree (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,230

Turnout 29.6%

Houghton – Labour HOLD

Mark Burrell (Labour Party) 1,655

Craig Morrison (Conservative Party) 681

Emma Robson (Green Party) 169

Donna Sarah Thomas (Independent) 446

Turnout 29.3%

Millfield – Lib Dem HOLD

Gwennyth Gibson (Conservative Party) 250

Gary Ogle (Green Party) 64

Kingsley Osahon Okojie (Labour Party) 923

Julio Romero Johnson (Communist Party of Britain) 30

Andrew Michael Wood (Liberal Democrat) 1,227

Turnout 33.3%

Pallion – Lib Dem HOLD

Dorothy Lynch (Green Party) 79

Karen Patricia Noble (Labour Party) 723

Judith Ann Porter (Conservative Party) 266

George Thomas Smith (Liberal Democrat) 1, 470

Turnout 32.8%

Redhill – Labour HOLD

Steven Boyd Donkin (Liberal Democrat) 411

Billy Scott Howells (Green Party) 89

Sue Leishman (Conservative Party) 326

Paul Stewart (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,065

Turnout 24.1%

Ryhope – Labour HOLD

Martyn Preston Herron (Labour Party) 1,311

Kevin Leonard (Conservative Party) 1,283

Robert Welsh (Green Party) 277

Turnout 33.4%

Sandhill – Lib Dem HOLD

Margaret Gillian Crosby (Liberal Democrat) 1,274

Laura Ann Hind (Green Party) 71

Christine Mary Reed (Conservative Party) 249

Debra Waller (Labour and Co-operative Party) 800

Turnout 31.2%

Shiney Row – Labour HOLD

Michael Anthony Kennedy (Freedom Alliance) 120

Thomas Alexander Mower (Green Party) 345

Mel Speding (Labour Party) 1,658

Richard Steven Vardy (Conservative Party) 882

Turnout 31.6%

Silksworth – Labour HOLD

Christopher Crozier (Green Party) 337

Jack Paul Simm (Conservative Party) 923

Phil Tye (Labour Party) 1,618

Turnout 36.5%

Southwick – Labour HOLD

Alex Samuels (Labour Party) 1,309

Morgan Joseph Seed (Green Party) 280

John Scott Wiper (Conservative Party) 623

Turnout 28.3%

St Anne’s – Labour HOLD

Bryan George Foster (Conservative Party) 840

Raymond Moore (Green Party) 273

Susan Watson (Labour Party) 1,061

Turnout 28%

St Chad’s – Conservative HOLD

Simon John Ayre (Conservative Party) 1,453

Alyson Kordbarlag (Green Party) 114

Martin Old (Labour Party) 974

Anthony Usher (Liberal Democrat) 145

Turnout 36.8%

St Michael’s – Conservative HOLD

John Leonard Appleton (Green Party) 231

Michael Dixon (Conservative Party) 1,832

Chris Smith (Labour Party) 1,201

Colin Andrew Wilson (Liberal Democrat) 139

Turnout 40.7%

St Peter’s – Conservative HOLD

Auburn Langley (Green Party) 250

Tom Newton (Labour Party) 1,068

Lynn Vera (Conservative Party) 1,567

Peter Arnold Walton (Liberal Democrat) 218

Turnout 40.2%

Washington Central – Labour HOLD

Emma Cutting (Green Party) 267

Derek Dunn (Conservative Party) 883

Linda Williams (Labour Party) 1,683

Turnout 34.1%

Washington East – Labour HOLD

Michal Chantkowshi (Green Party) 239

Chris Eynon (Conservative Party) 1,223

Logan Guy (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,682

Turnout 35.2%

Washington North – Labour HOLD

Scott Andrew Burrows (Green Party) 298

Jill Fletcher (Labour Party) 1,349

Hilary Johnson (Conservative Party) 552

Turnout 27.8%

Washington South – Labour HOLD

Graeme Miller (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1, 454

Peter Noble (Conservative Party) 1, 310

Sean Terry (Liberal Democrat) 303

Turnout 40.1%

Washington West – Labour HOLD

Sam Cosgrove (Conservative Party) 878

Paul Andrew Leonard (Green Party) 280

Dorothy Trueman (Labour Party) 1,641

Turnout 32.4%

‘Throwing the kitchen sink’ at Sunderland

The Conservatives "threw the kitchen sink" at Sunderland Council, and still did not manage to gain it from Labour, a Labour MP has said.

Speaking after Labour retained control of the council, Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq told Sky News: "I am delighted to see the Sunderland result, mostly because speaking to MPs who are connected to Sunderland from the Labour Party ... and local activists, the Conservatives have thrown the kitchen sink at it.

"I mean, the Prime Minister was there. When you are in Government you only send the Prime Minister to seats that you think you can overturn and change. So the Prime Minister was there on Bank Holiday Monday and we still held it."

Boris Johnson and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak both visited Sunderland on the campaign trail, as did Sir Keir Starmer and a run of other Labour bigwigs.