New ramp installed to help stuck ducklings in Sunderland's Elemore Park

A special ramp to help stuck ducklings has been installed in a country park.

Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 12:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 12:19 pm

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The area is already home to a range of wildlife – including a group of ducklings, who visitors had noticed getting stuck in the pond, with its high sides preventing them reaching dry land.

Sunderland City Council’s environmental services came to the rescue, installing a temporary ramp to allow the birds to get in and out of the pond easily.

File picture of ducklings c/o Alexas_Fotos and Pixabay.

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Sandra Mitchell, assistant director of Community Resilience at Sunderland City Council, said it will be replaced with a more permanent solution as part of the redevelopment work later this year.

“As we progress with work to transform and redevelop the site of the former golf club, we are conscious of taking care of the landscape and protecting the significant wildlife that lives in it,” she said.

“When we heard reports of the new ducklings getting stuck in the pond, we wanted to move quickly to ensure we could make the environment as safe and suitable for them as possible. I’d like to thank the residents who alerted us to the problem so we could work to find a temporary solution to ensure the future safety of wildlife while the work on the site is ongoing.

“As we move into nesting season for the ducks and swans, I would also like to remind those enjoying the area to keep their dogs on leads around the ponds.”

The ramp will help ducklings exit the pond

The council said planning applications are progressing for the change-of-use to the current building on the Elemore site, as well as creating additional garden centre outbuildings, improving car parking and carrying out wider landscape works.

Officers said after gathering thoughts and comments from local residents as part of the Let’s Talk Elemore consultation, the proposed community space will be accessible and will support residents and communities, while the garden centre and café will support training for adults with disabilities.As part of its community wealth building strategy to keep wealth in local communities, the city council is planning to work with local suppliers and contractors wherever possible to make sure that funding generated through the project is retained within the city.

The ramp will help ducklings.
The ramp will help ducklings.
Environmental services stepped in to help the ducks