Meet the candidates for Hetton in the Sunderland City Council elections 2019

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we’re turning the spotlight on Sunderland’s candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

By James Harrison
Saturday, 20 April, 2019, 14:34
Top (l-r) Doris Turner (Labour), Michael Robert Hopper (Ukip), David William Geddis (Independent. Bottom (l-r): Glyn Dixon (Democrats and Veterans Pary), Rachel Louise Lowe (Green Party)

Each one will be given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why people should vote for them.

Neville Edward CHAMBERLIN (The Conservative Party Candidate)

We oppose a second EU referendum and want an orderly exit from the EU.

The Conservatives are the city’s main party of opposition.

We are in the best position to take seats from Labour.

UKIP doesn’t have any representation in the city.

Voting UKIP won’t get Labour out.

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Glyn DIXON (Democrats and Veterans Party)

I live and work in the Hetton area.

I believe in direct democracy where local people have a real say in shaping the decisions that directly affect their daily lives.

I chose to join the Democrats and Veterans party and stand as the party candidate to represent the people of the Hetton ward on Sunderland Council because the party is built around the principle of direct democracy.

If elected I will be free from the national party directives, unlike the other parties, so better able to be the true voice of Hetton on Sunderland council.

The D&V party motto is ‘we serve’ and I pledge to serve only the people of Hetton.

David William GEDDIS (Independent)

I am proud to stand as your Independent candidate.

If elected, I will represent you with integrity, and diligence, I work hard will address difficult issues.

Hetton requires a strong person with a determination to represent everyone in this town without bias.

I will, to the very best of my ability.

I have the tools, experience, after 40 years of one political group labour in Hetton, change is always difficult, however, at times required, and overdue.

Having a degree in business management, having worked as a former manager in education, I am a good communicator, a member of the Chartered Institute of Managers.

With your support, I hope to continue the successful work I’ve done as your representative for the past 4 years

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Michael Robert HOPPER (UKIP)

I’m new to politics and it’s fair to say that I’m not a career politician.

It wasn’t my intention to stand as a candidate in the local elections.

So why have I?

I asked myself a question: ‘how bad does it have to get before you do something?’.

The answer was ‘this bad’!

If elected as a UKIP councillor for Hetton I will work tirelessly for the people and would like to introduce ways of making Sunderland City Council more efficient, encourage inward investment without raising council taxes or cutting the Social Services budget.

I feel it’s time for a fresh approach which I believe I have.

Rachel Louise LOWE (Green Party candidate)

As a councillor for Hetton I would work all year, not just at election time.

This year, I have attended litter picks in Hetton, helped residents in Easington Lane report nuisance potholes and have campaigned against the closure of walk in centres and the building of unnecessary, and unwanted, executive housing on greenbelt land.

I have also pushed for the council to take action on climate change.

Sunderland city council have neglected the area for too long.

Vote for me to ensure you have a voice that will represent you and work hard for Hetton.

Doris TURNER (Labour Party)

I have been a councillor since 2015. I was born in Easington Lane and have lived in Hetton all my life.

My work in education and youth training gave me valuable experience that has equipped me to be an effective councillor.

I have worked hard in the community as a volunteer for many years and support the societies and groups that enrich day to day life.

I Give my free time to Hetton Town Trust and Hetton Fellowship of Churches.

I am on the management committee of New Dawn and a volunteer at their lunch club and foodbank.

I am a governor of Hetton Lyons Nursery School.

I will do my best for all the communities that make up Hetton ward.